Mortgage Brokers

During the present legislative session several bills have been introduced concerning the regulation of mortgage brokers in Colorado. These bills include HB07-1322, Mortgage Fraud Prevention Act; SB07-203, Mortgage Broker Licensing; and SB07-216, Mortgage Loan Fraud Acts Practices. Beginning January 1, 2007, mortgage brokers are now required to be registered with the state Division of Real Estate in order to do business in Colorado, as required by HB06-1161. For more information on mortgage broker registration, including a searchable database of all licensed brokers in the state of Colorado, disciplinary records, and information on registering as a mortgage broker, see the Dept. of Regulatory Agencies’ Division of Real Estate homepage. The State Publications Library also several publications dealing with the mortgage industry, including the annual Real Estate Manual and sunrise/sunset reviews of the mortgage industry in Colorado.