Colorado Open Records

Our library is established to ensure that all state publications are available to residents of Colorado, CRS 24-90-201. Another piece of state government information, records, is also available to the public through the Colorado Open Records Act, CRS 24-72-201. Under this act public records are open for inspection by any person at reasonable times. This law applies to all levels and types of governments within Colorado. Records should be available immediately; however state agencies have up to 10 days to make your request available depending on the size of the request. You do not have to identify yourself or explain why you want the records. You may, however, be charged photocopying fees. An excellent explanation of the law is in the 12 -page Formal Opinion of Ken Salazar No. 01-0. If you want to examine either statute referenced above, go to the Colorado General Assembly Homepage and click on CO Revised Statutes.

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