Presenting Three Types of Interviews

How do you feel most comfortable speaking in front of an audience? Do you have the confidence to let your ideas flow freely, or do you prefer sticking to a plan? The Colorado Association of Libraries Conference (CALCON 2022) begins today, and there happens to be quite a connection between the styles in which we choose to present our ideas, such as at CALCON and how we conduct the next data collection method we are discussing–interviews. It’s a fitting time to take a closer look at interviews as another viable data collection method for evaluation in libraries since interviews fall into three categories (unstructured, semi-structured or structured), and much like understanding the most effective way to present information, you must understand how to structure, or not structure, your interview for it to produce quality data. Today, we will discuss the pros and cons of these three interview types. If you’re looking for some background reading, be sure to check out this post for an overview of interviews and when to use them.

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