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When I tell folks about the Colorado Book Club Resource (be they library staff or the average community member), I regularly find that this is the first time they have heard about our fantastic collection. When I tell them we now have over 1,000 sets to choose from, the reaction is often complete surprise and excitement!

Yet, if library staff are not always aware of the free service, how can we expect their patrons will know to ask the library about it (and get set up for lending with them)? And what about all those would-be book clubs just waiting for the right opportunity to finally start a book club? Perhaps a little heads-up in the library could make a world of difference. The message is clear: we need to do a better job of simply talking about it, and local libraries can help too.

With this post, I hope to start changing the trend. Here you will find downloadable (printable) files for alerting your community to the Book Club Resource within the library setting. Feel free to print them out and start sharing them today!

If you would prefer me to send you physical copies, or have any other suggestions, contact

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PDF of brochure


PDF of postcard


portrait poster, reading is better together (PDF)

landscape poster, reading is better together (PDF)

portrait poster, book clubs made easy (PDF)

portrait poster, book club? No prob! (PDF)

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