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Date AcquiredTitleAuthorCopies
6/13/2024Moons of Jupiter, TheMunro, Alice8
6/13/2024Poet in New York: Bilingual EditionLorca, Federico García 8
6/13/2024Regenta, LaAlas, Leopoldo8
6/13/2024Criaturas luminosasVan Pelt, Shelby8
6/13/2024celestina, LaRojas, Fernando De8
6/13/2024Bartleby y compañiaVila-Matas, Enrique8
6/13/2024Ruiseñor, ElHannah, Kristin8
6/13/2024Cahokia JazzSpufford, Francis 8
6/13/2024Lecciones de químicaGarmus, Bonnie8
6/13/2024Siete maridos de Evelyn Hugo, LosReid, Taylor Jenkins8
6/13/2024Corazon tan blancoMarias, Javier8
6/4/2024RunawayMunro, Alice8
6/13/2024Smoke KingsMayfield, Jahmal8
5/31/2024Butter : A Novel of Food and MurderYuzuki, Abako8
5/31/2024Good MaterialAlderton, Dolly8
5/31/2024JamesEverett, Percival8
5/31/2024Knife : Meditations After an Attempted MurderRushdie, Salman8
5/21/2024AntkindKaufman, Charlie8
5/21/2024Call Me By Your NameAciman, André 10
5/21/2024Dear Life : StoriesMunro, Alice8
5/21/2024ErasureEverett, Percival8
5/21/2024Gangbuster : One Man's Battle Against Crime, Corruption, and the KlanPrendergast, Alan8
5/21/2024Wagner, The : A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny, and MurderGrann, David8
4/23/2024Barbarian Nurseries, TheTobar, Hector10
4/23/2024Dinner, TheKoch, Herman13
4/23/2024Gift of Rain, TheEng, Tan Twan8
4/23/2024House at the Edge of Night, TheBanner, Catherine11
4/23/2024Olive KitteridgeStrout, Elizabeth11
4/23/2024Red Notice : A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man's Fight for JusticeBrowder, Bill11
4/23/2024Roughing ItTwain, Mark9
4/23/2024Tie That Binds, TheHaruf, Kent8
4/23/2024Tortilla Curtain, TheBoyle, T. Coraghessan8
4/16/2024Country of the Blind, The : A Memoir at the end of SightLeland, Andrew8
4/16/2024Let's Talk About It : The Teen's Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Being a HumanMoen, Erika & Nolan, Matthew8
4/16/2024Next Year in HavanaCleeton, Chanel10
4/16/2024Pretty One, The : On Life, Pop Culture, Disability, and Other Reasons to Fall in Love with MeBrown, Keah8
4/16/2024Sign for Home, TheFell, Blair8
4/16/2024Sitting Pretty : The View from My Ordinary Resilient Disabled BodyTaussig, Rebekah8
4/16/2024SOLDMcCormick, Patricia8
4/16/2024TraffickHopkins, Ellen8
4/16/2024TricksHopkins, Ellen8
4/12/2024All the Pretty HorsesMcCarthy, Cormac8
4/12/2024No Country for Old MenMcCarthy, Cormac8
3/18/2024Birthing House, TheTaylor, Kathy8
3/18/2024LibertiesBoyle, Constance E.8
3/18/2024Wandering StarsOrange, Tommy8
3/5/2024Cipher, TheKoja, Kathe8
2/26/2024Body Keeps the Score, The: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of TraumaKolk, Bessel van der M.D.8
2/23/2024Color of Air, TheTsukiyama, Gail10
2/23/2024I Was AnastasiaLawhon, Ariel10
2/23/2024Klara and the SunIshiguro, Kazuo10
2/23/2024Saint MonkeyTownsend, Jacinda10
2/13/202411/22/63King, Stephen8
2/13/2024"All the Real Indians Died Off": And 20 Other Myths About Native AmericansDunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne8
2/13/2024Demystifying Disability: What to Know, What to Say, and How to Be an AllyLadau, Emily8
2/13/2024Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First CenturyWong, Alice8
2/13/2024Fairy TaleKing, Stephen8
2/13/2024Go Back to Where You Came From : And Other Helpful Recommendations on How To Become AmericanAli, Wajahat8
2/13/2024HamnetO'Farrell, Maggie8
2/13/2024Life and Rhymes of Benjamin Zephaniah, The: The AutobiographyZephaniah, Benjamin8
2/13/2024Midnight on Beacon StreetVerona, Emily Ruth8
2/13/2024MigrationsMcConaghy, Charlotte8
2/13/2024Missing Morningstar: and other Stories, TheDenetsosie, Stacie Shannon 8
2/13/2024Short History of Nearly Everything, ABryson, Bill8
2/13/2024This Wretched ValleyKiefer, Jennifer8
2/13/2024Wretched of the Earth, TheFanon, Frantz 8
2/8/2024American Supernatural TalesJoshi, S. T (ed)8
2/8/2024Barracoon: The Story of the Last "Black Cargo"Hurston, Zora Neale8
2/8/2024Bluest Eye, TheMorrison, Toni8
2/8/2024Dancer Dawkins and the California KidKim, Willyce8
2/6/2024All the Idle Weeds that GrowKoukol, Brian8
2/6/2024American Gothic TalesOats, Joyce Carol8
2/6/2024AnnihilationVanderMeer, Jeff8
2/6/2024Another CountryBaldwin, James8
2/6/2024Children of Blood and BoneAdeyemi, Tomi8
2/6/2024Children of DuneHerbert, Frank8
2/6/2024Complete Tales of H.P. Lovecraft, TheLovecraft, H. P. 8
2/6/2024DraculaStoker, Bram8
2/6/2024Dune Herbert, Frank8
2/6/2024Dune MessiahHerbert, Frank8
2/6/2024FoundationAsimov, Isaac 8
2/6/2024Girl Next Door, TheKetchum, Jack8
2/6/2024Going to Meet the Man : StoriesBaldwin, James8
2/6/2024Gravity's RainbowPynchon, Thomas8
2/6/2024Happy PlaceHenry, Emily8
2/6/2024Heaven & Earth Grocery Store, The McBride, JamesTwo sets of 8 copies
2/6/2024Hello BeautifulNapolitano, AnnTwo sets of 8 copies
2/6/2024I am LegendMatheson, Richard8
2/6/2024I Am Not Your NegroBaldwin, James8
2/6/2024I'm Glad My Mom DiedMcCurdy, Jennette8
2/6/2024Inherent VicePynchon, Thomas8
2/6/2024Notes of a Native SonBaldwin, James8
2/6/2024Reassuring Tales : The Weird Fiction Short Stories of T.E.D. KleinKlein, Ted8
2/6/2024Secret Life Of Sunflowers, The : A gripping, inspiring novel based on the true story of Johanna Bonger, Vincent van Gogh's sister-in-lawMolnar, Marta8
2/6/2024Solito (Spanish)Zamora, Javier8
2/6/2024Solito: A MemoirZamora, Javier8
2/6/2024The Marriage PortraitO'Farrell, Maggie8
2/6/2024Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and TomorrowZevin, Gabrielle 8
2/6/2024VerityHoover, Colleen8
2/6/2024Willows, TheBlackwood, Algernon8
2/2/2024American Eclipse : A Nation's Epic Race to Catch the Shadow of the Moon and Win the Glory of the WorldBaron, David8
2/2/2024Girl You Left BehindMoyes, Jojo10
2/2/2024Jack 1939Mathews, Francine11
2/2/2024Language of Flowers, TheDiffenbaugh, Vanessa 11
2/2/2024Measure, TheErlick, Nikki8
2/2/2024Wife 22Gideon, Melanie10
1/25/2024Complete Stories, TheO'Connor, Flannery8
1/25/2024NightwoodBarnes, Djuna8
1/25/2024Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories of Liberation, TheGilman, Charlotte Perkins et al8
12/7/2023American Republic Can Save American Democracy, TheHart, Gary8
12/7/2023Libraries, Leadership & Legacy of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, TheBaron, Robert C. & Wright, Corad Edick (eds.)8
12/7/2023Principled Politician, The: Governor Ralph Carr and the Fight against Japanese American InternmentSchrager, Adam7
12/7/2023Women Artists of the West: Five Portraits in Creativity and CourageDanneberg, Julie8
12/7/2023Women Icons of the West: Five Women Who Forged the American FrontierDanneberg, Julie8
12/7/2023Women Writers of the West: Five Chroniclers of the American FrontierDanneberg, Julie8
11/28/2023Hound DoggedHendricks, Rebecca8
11/3/2023BossypantsFey, Tina10
11/3/2023Gods of Jade and ShadowMoreno-Garcia, Silvia9
11/3/2023I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican DaughterSanchez, Erika L.11
11/3/2023Just Like Us: The Story of Four Mexican Girls Coming of Age in AmericaThorpe, Helen11
11/3/2023Know My NameMiller, Chanel10
11/3/2023MemorialWashington, Bryan12
11/3/2023Notes From My CaptivityParks, Kathy10
11/3/2023Society, TheAbbot, C. G.10
11/3/2023SteelheartSanderson, Brandon13
11/3/2023War HorseMorpurgo, Michael11 + DVD
10/17/2023Journey to St. Thomas, A: Tales for Our TimeHatch III, Josiah9
10/9/2023Journey of Crazy Horse, The: A Lakota HistoryMarshall III, Joseph M.8
10/6/2023At First LightNickless, Barbara10
9/29/2023Hawk is Hungry, The and Other StoriesMcNickle, D'Arcy8
9/29/2023Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBIGrann, DavidTwo sets of 8 copies
9/19/2023Century of Dishonor, A: The Classic Expose of the Plight of the Native AmericansJackson, Helen Hunt8
9/19/2023Crazy Brave: A MemoirHarjo, Joy8
9/19/2023Death of Bernadette Lefthand, TheQuerry, Ron8
9/19/2023Fight Club 2Palahniuk, Chuck8
9/19/2023Great Short Stories by Contemporary Native American WritersBlaisdell, Bob8
9/19/2023House Made of DawnMomaday, N. Scott8
9/19/2023Jack of Hearts (and other parts)Rosen, L. C.8
9/19/2023Make Something Up: Stories you Can't UnreadPalahniuk, Chuck8
9/19/2023Night of the Living RezTalty, Morgan8
9/19/2023Sentence, TheErdrich, Louise8
9/19/2023SundownMathews, John Joseph8
9/19/2023Surrounded, TheMcNickle, D'Arcy8
9/19/2023What Flies WantPérez, Emily10
9/14/2023CeremonySilko, Leslie Marmon8
9/14/2023Coyote StoriesMourning Dove8
9/14/2023Fun Home: A Family TragicomicBechdel, Alison8
9/14/2023Reckonings: Contemporary Short Fiction by Native American WomenWong, Hertha D. Sweet, et. al. (Editors)8
9/12/2023Ballad of Black Tom, TheLaValle, Victor8
9/8/2023ArrowoodMcHugh, Laura8
9/8/2023Battle Royale: RemasteredTakami, Koushun8
9/8/2023Code Name VerityWein, Elizabeth8
9/8/2023Colorado Kid, TheKing, Stephen8
9/8/2023Funny, You Don't Look Autistic: A Comedian's Guide to Life on the SpectrumMcCreary, Michael8
9/8/2023Gathering BlueLowry, Lois8
9/8/2023Humankind: A Hopeful HistoryBregman, Rutger8
9/8/2023Lottery and Other Stories, TheJackson, Shirley8
9/8/2023Second HoneymoonTrollope, Joanna9
9/8/2023We Begin at the EndWhitaker, Chris8
8/29/2023Mad BoyNick Arvin8
8/29/2023Mister Hamlin's ListStan Moore10
8/17/2023Bell Jar, ThePlath, Sylvia8
8/17/2023Beowulf: New Verse TranslationHeaney, Seamus8
8/17/2023Birthday Letters: PoemsHughes, Ted8
8/17/2023Erené with Wolf MedicineBlea, Irene I8
8/17/2023Hope is the Thing With Feathers: The Complete Poems of Emily DickinsonDickinson, Emily8
8/17/2023If Light Closed Its Eyes: A verbatim Documentary Play about Shared Humanity and Criminal JusticePrison Arts Initiative, DU8
8/17/2023Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains, ABird, Isabella L.8
8/17/2023Sabrina & Corina: StoriesFajardo-Anstine, Kali8
8/9/2023Culturally Responsive Reading: Teaching Literature for Social JusticeWashington, Durthy A.10
8/1/2023Perfect Stranger, TheHarris, Gregory Seth10
7/28/2023Falling Forward: A Woman's Journey WestJurgens, Pat Benedict10
7/28/2023My Heart Lies HereWasmund, Laurie Marr8
7/25/2023Gods of the BayFontana, Jo8
7/25/2023When You Know What I KnowSolter, Sonja K.10
7/19/2023ArielPlath, Sylvia8
7/19/2023Echoes in the StarsFrisbie, Gordon8
7/19/2023Other People's PetsMaizes, R.L.10
7/19/2023We Love Anderson CooperMaizes, R.L.10
7/13/2023Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, TheCollins, Suzanne8
7/13/2023Who We Meet Along the WayTosti, Brandon10
7/11/2023Midnight at the Barclay HotelBradley, Fluer10
7/7/2023AESOPPackard, MicheleTwo sets of 10 copies
7/7/2023Brighter than the FlamesScheuermann, Stefan10
7/7/2023College Secrets of Highly Successful People: Keys to Launching a Great LifeSchneider, Lindy & Tom L Schneider8
7/7/2023Cryptid Catcher, TheFisher, Lija10
7/7/2023Diamond in the DesertGilleland, Karen8
6/29/2023Forgotten Cuchareños of the Lower ValleySanchez, Virginia8
6/29/2023Fragile SaintsIbarra, Claire8
6/29/2023Optimal Distance - A Divided Life, Part OneLieberman, Joan Carol12
6/29/2023Optimal Distance - A Divided Life, Part TwoLieberman, Joan Carol12
6/29/2023Pits, TheWood, Katy L.10
6/29/2023Pleas and Petitions: Hispano Culture and Legislative Conflict in Territorial ColoradoSanchez, Virginia8
6/28/2023Babies Don't Make Small TalkVick, Julie10
6/28/2023Being Mean - A Memoir of Sexual Abuse and SurvivalEagle, Patricia10
6/28/2023CrankHopkins, Ellen8
6/28/2023Earth is All That Lasts, The: Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and the Last Stand of the Great Sioux NationGardner, Mark Lee8
6/28/2023Martita, I Remember You/Martita, te recuerdo: A Story in English and SpanishCisneros, Sandra8
6/28/2023Orgullo PrietoHuerta, Tenoch8
6/28/2023Put Off My Sackcloth: EssaysDawid, Annie8
6/28/2023Spirit Baby: Travels through China and the Long Road to MotherhoodLittle, Nina Nelson10
6/28/2023Where Sunday Used to Be: New and Selected PoemsKlawitter, Daniel8
6/20/2023Battle for EklatrosGalassi, Alex10
6/20/2023Bratwurst HavenKing, Rachel8
6/20/2023Conscious DesignsWhite, Nathanial8
6/20/2023Covenant of Water, TheVerghese, Abraham8
6/20/2023Denver NoirSwanson, Cynthia8
6/20/2023House of the Dead, TheFyodor Dostoyevsky8
6/20/2023Immortal King Rao, The: A NovelVara, Vauhini8
6/20/2023Red Rabbit On The RunBowersox, Jodi10
6/20/2023Visual Thinking: The Hidden Gifts of People Who Think in Pictures, Patterns, and AbstractionsGrandin, Temple8
6/20/2023Wrong Woman, TheSparks, Leanne Kale8
6/13/2023Book of Polly, TheHepinstall, Kathy9
6/13/2023Other Alcott, TheHooper, Elise9
6/13/2023Sin in the Second City: Madams, Ministers, Playboys, and the Battle for America's SoulAbbott, Karen9
6/12/20236:20 Man, The: A ThrillerBaldacci, David8
6/12/2023Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, TheDoyle, Arthur Conan8
6/12/2023Art of Racing in the Rain, TheStein, Garth8
6/12/2023Awakening, TheChopin, Kate8
6/12/2023Before I Let GoRyan, Kennedy8
6/12/2023Best of Sherlock Holmes, TheDoyle, Arthur Conan8
6/12/2023Book of LongingsKidd, Sue Monk8
6/12/2023Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, TheDoyle, Arthur Conan8
6/12/2023Complete Poems of Robert Frost, TheFrost, Robert8
6/12/2023Demon CopperheadKingsolver, BarbaraTwo sets of 8 copies
6/12/2023Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye: Five Fairy StoriesByatt. A. S.8
6/12/2023GrassGendry-Kim, Keum Suk8
6/12/2023Hound of the Baskervilles, The ; Valley of Fear, TheDoyle, Arthur Conan8
6/12/2023In the Belly of the Beast: Letters from PrisonAbbott, Jack Henry8
6/12/2023Legends from CampInada, Lawson Fusao7
6/12/2023Lessons in Chemistry: A NovelGarmus, Bonnie8
6/12/2023Long Petal of the Sea, A: A NovelAllende, Isabel8
6/12/2023Mad HoneyPicoult, Jodi8
6/12/2023Never Have I EverYap, Isabel8
6/12/2023No-No BoyOkada, John8
6/12/2023No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, The (Book 1)McCall Smith, Alexander9
6/12/2023Old Man and the Sea, TheHemingway, Ernest8
6/12/2023Open SeasonBox, C. J.8
6/12/2023Passenger, TheMcCarthy, Cormac8
6/12/2023PossessionByatt, A. S8
6/12/2023Remarkably Bright CreaturesVan Pelt, Shelby8
6/12/2023Return of Sherlock Holmes, TheDoyle, Arthur Conan8
6/12/2023School for Good MothersChan, Jessamine8
6/12/2023Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, The: A NovelJenkins Reid, Taylor8
6/12/2023Shuggie BainStuart, Douglas8
6/12/2023Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires, TheHendrix, Grady8
6/12/2023Stella MarisMcCarthy, Cormac8
6/12/2023Study in Scarlet, A ; Sign of the Four, TheDoyle, Arthur Conan8
6/12/2023Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, The: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good LifeManson, Mark8
6/12/2023Sweetness of Water, TheHarris, Nathan8
6/12/2023Tears of the Giraffe (No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, Book 2)McCall Smith, Alexander8
6/12/2023This Is How It Always Is: A NovelFrankel, Laurie8
6/12/2023This Tender Land: A NovelKrueger, William Kent8
6/12/2023Thursday Murder Club, The: A NovelOsman, Richard8
6/12/2023Till We Have Faces: A Myth RetoldLewis, C. S.8
6/12/2023TrustDíaz, Hernan8
6/12/2023Victory City: A NovelRushdie, Salman8
6/12/2023What Happened to the BennettsScottoline, Lisa8
6/12/2023When My Brother Was an AztecDiaz, Natalie8
6/6/2023Bibliotecaria de Saint-Malo, LaEscobar, Mario8
6/6/2023Búsqueda de un sueño, LaGrande, Reyna8
6/6/2023Canción de cuna en AuschwitzEscobar, Mario8
6/6/2023Court of Mist and FuryMaas, Sarah J.8
6/6/2023Court of Thorns and RosesMaas, Sarah J.8
6/6/2023De ninguna parteNavarro, Julia8
6/6/2023FlamerCurato, Mike8
6/6/2023Hábitos atómicosClear, James8
6/6/2023LuckyVail, Rachel8
6/6/2023Milk and HoneyKaur, Rupi8
6/6/2023Soil: The Story of a Black Mother's GardenDungy, Camille T8
5/30/2023Absolutamente todoRubén, Orozsco8
5/30/2023Amante Japonés, ElAllende, Isabel8
5/30/2023Bendiceme, UltimaAnaya, Rudolfo8
5/30/2023Como Agua Para ChocolateEsquivel, Laura8
5/30/2023Cosas que perdimos en el Fuego, LasEnriquez, Mariana8
5/30/2023Cuando Era PuertorriqueñaSantiago, Esmerelda8
5/30/2023Día que se perdió la cordura, ElCastillo, Javier8
5/30/2023Diarios de Motocicleta: notas de viaje por América LatinaGuevara, Che8
5/30/2023Distancia que nos separa, LaCisneros, Renato8
5/30/2023Don Quijote de la ManchaCervantes, Miguel de8
5/30/2023Donde Cantan Las BallenasJaramill Klinkert, Sara8
5/30/2023En el país que amamos: Mi familia divididaGuerrero, Diane8
5/30/2023IdenticalHopkins, Ellen8
5/30/2023Jilguero, ElTartt, Donna8
5/30/2023Juego del ángel, ElRuiz Zafón, Carlos8
5/30/2023Laberinto de los Espíritus, ElRuiz Zafón, Carlos8
5/30/2023Libro secreto de Frida Kahlo, ElHaghenbeck, F. G.8
5/30/2023Más alláAlvarez, Julia8
5/30/2023Matar a un ruiseñorLee, Harper8
5/30/2023Mujer de LuzFajardo-Anstine, Kali8
5/30/2023Mujeres del alma míaAllende, Isabel8
5/30/2023Murmullo de las abejas, ElSegovia, Sofia8
5/30/2023Nada: Una NovelaLaforet, Carmen8
5/30/2023Noche era terciopelo, LaMoreno-García, Silvia8
5/30/2023Olvido que seremos, ElAbad Faciolince, Hector8
5/30/2023Prisionero del Cielo, ElRuiz Zafón, Carlos8
5/30/2023Que faltaban, LasOñoro, Cristina8
5/30/2023Ready Player One (Spanish)Cline, Ernest8
5/30/2023Salvar el fuegoArriaga, Guillermo8
5/30/2023Sombra Del Viento, LaRuiz Zafón, Carlos8
5/30/2023Tiempos reciosVargas Llosa, Mario8
5/30/2023Todo esto te daréRedondo, Dolores8
5/30/2023Travesuras de la niña malaVargas Llosa, Mario8
5/30/2023Tregua, LaBenedetti, Mario8
5/30/2023Vida Secreta de las Abejas, LaKidd, Sue Monk8
5/30/2023Yo no soy tu perfecta hija mexicanaSánchez, Erica L.8
5/9/2023Nothing Daunted: The Unexpected Education of Two Society Girls in the WestWickenden, DorothyTwo sets of 9 copies
4/18/2023Bartender's Tale, TheDoig, Ivan11
4/18/2023Mother's Reckoning: Living with the Aftermath of Tragedy, AKlebold, Sue11
4/18/2023Normal PeopleRooney, Sue12
4/14/2023I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State KillerMcNamara, Michelle11
4/14/2023Lincoln in the BardoSaunders, George12
4/14/2023March: Book 3John Lewis11
4/14/2023Piece of the World, AKline, Christine Baker12
4/14/2023Small Great ThingsPicoult, Jodi11
4/14/2023Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, TheJoyce, Rachel11
4/7/2023Climate Book, TheThunberg, Greta8
4/7/2023Only Ever YouDrake, Rebecca11
4/7/2023Plain SightDelaney, M. E.8
3/14/2023Height of Secrecy, TheMitchell, J. M.10
3/14/2023Killing Godiva's HorseMitchell, J. M.10
3/14/2023Public TrustMitchell, J. M.10
3/9/2023And Then There Were NoneChristie, Agatha10
3/9/2023Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good PeopleBanaji, Mahzarin R. R. & Greenwald, Anthony10
3/9/2023Books That Changed the WorldDowns, Robert B.10
3/9/2023Charm Bracelet, TheShipman, Viola9
3/9/2023Crazy Rich AsiansKwan, Kevin11
3/9/2023Crooked HouseChristie, Agatha11
3/9/2023Curious Case of Benjamin Button, TheFitzgerald, F Scott10
3/9/2023Don’t Point That Thing At MeBonfiglioli, Kyril8
3/9/2023Exposure: Poisoned Water, Corporate Greed, and One Lawyer's Twenty -Year Battle Agains DuPontBilott, Robert8
3/9/2023Finest Hours, The: The True Story of the U.S. Coast Guard's Most Daring Sea RescueTougias, Michael8
3/9/2023Freedom’s TreeLippincott, Kenneth9
3/9/2023Granite MountainMcDonough, Brendan10
3/9/2023Guest Book, TheBlake, Sarah10
3/9/2023Gunman’s RhapsodyParker, Robert B.11
3/9/2023Harriet TubmanClinton, Catherine10
3/9/2023HolesSachar, Louis20
3/9/2023In ShockAwdish, Rana (Dr)8
3/9/2023Lady in the VanBennett, Alan10
3/9/2023Me Before YouMoyes, JojoOne set of 11 copies and one set of 12 copies
3/9/2023Miracle of Dunkirk, The: The True Story of Operation DynamoLord, Walter8
3/9/2023Orphan Master’s Son, TheJohnson, Adam9
3/9/2023Queen of Katwe: One Girl's Triumphant Path to Becoming a Chess ChampionCrothers, Tim8
3/9/2023Red Badge of CourageCrane, Stephen12
3/9/2023Redemption at Hacksaw RidgeHerndon, Booton10
3/9/2023Sing, Unburied, SingWard, JesmynTwo sets of 9 copies
3/9/2023Slight Trick of the Mind, ACullin, Mitch8
3/9/2023Solomon Avengers: The Battle of Beecher Island, September 17-25, 1868Snelson, Bob8
3/9/2023Stories of Your LifeChiang, Ted11
3/9/2023Swans of Fifth Avenue, TheBenjamin, Melanie10
3/9/2023Sympathizer, TheNguyen, Viet Thanh12
3/9/2023Tale of Two Expectations, AMariner, James L.8
3/9/2023Things Our Fathers Saw, TheRozell, Matthew10
3/9/2023Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaVerne, Jules8
3/9/2023Victoria & AbdulBasu, Shrabani8
3/9/2023Wise Ass, TheMcCaffrey, Tom8
3/9/2023WonderPatacio, R. J.10
3/9/2023You Changed My Life: A MemoirSellou, Abdel12
2/28/2023City of GirlsGilbert, Elizabeth10
2/28/2023Love and RuinMcLain, Paula10
2/28/2023Winter Soldier, TheMason, Daniel10
2/10/2023Absolutely Remarkable Thing, An: A NovelGreen, Hank10
2/10/2023Art of Community , The: Seven Principals of BelongingVogl, Charles H.10
2/10/2023Astronaut Wives Club, TheKoppel, Lily10
2/10/2023BecomingObama, Michelle10
2/10/2023Death in Mud Lick: A Coal Country Fight Against the Drug Companies that Delivered the Opioid EpidemicEyre, Eric10
2/10/2023Friday Night Knitting Club, TheJacobs, Kate10
2/10/2023Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred RogersKing, Maxwell8
2/10/2023Little Paris Bookshop, TheGeorge, Nina10
2/10/2023LusterLeilani, Raven10
2/10/2023Shadow of the Wind, The: A NovelRuiz Zafon, Carlos8
2/10/2023Stakes is HighSmith, Mychal Denzel Smith10
2/10/2023When Time Stopped: A Memoir of My Father's War and What RemainsNeumann, Ariana10
2/1/2023Come, reza, ama: el viaje de una mujer por Italia, India e Indonesia en busca del equilibrio entre cuerpo y espírituGilbert, Elizabeth8
2/1/2023DocRussell, Mary Doria8
2/1/2023Dressmaker of Khair Khana, The: five sisters, one remarkable family, and the woman who risked everything to keep them safeLemmon, Gayle Tzemach9
2/1/2023Gran Gatsby, ElFitzgerald, F. Scott8
2/1/2023PlainsongHaruf, Kent8
1/25/2023BeartownBackman, Fredrik8
1/25/2023Honey Bus, The: A Memoir of Loss, Courage, and a Girl Saved by BeesMay, Meredith8
11/8/2022Madwoman in the Attic, The: The Woman Writer and the Nineteenth-Century Literary ImaginationGilbert, Sandra5
11/8/2022No Ashes in the Fire: Coming of Age Black and Free in AmericaMoore, Darnell L8
10/18/2022Binding, TheCollins, Bridget10
10/18/2022Friend, TheNunez, Sigrid8
10/18/2022Grass is Singing, TheLessing, Doris8
10/18/2022Mothers, TheBennett, Brit8
10/18/2022Nonviolent CommunicationRosenberg, Marshall B.8
10/18/2022Rough BeautyAuvinen, Karen8
10/7/2022Book of Lost Friends, TheWingate, Lisa8
10/7/2022Mountains Sing, TheQuế Mai, Nguyễn Phan8
9/27/2022Chronicles from the Land of the Happiest People on EarthSoyinka, Wole8
9/27/2022PerilWoodward, Bob & Costa Robert8
9/27/2022Unsettled GroundFuller, Claire8
9/19/2022Imagining Worlds Anthology: An Anthology of Plays by Artists from Colorado's PrisonsDU Denver Arts Initiative8
9/16/2022Concrete RoseThomas, Angie8
9/16/2022Game ChangerShusterman, Neal8
9/13/2022Almost American Girl: An Illustrated MemoirHa, Robin9
9/13/2022American Born ChineseYang, Gene Luen8
9/13/2022Anne Frank's Diary: The Graphic AdaptationFolman, Ari & Polonsky, David8
9/13/2022GuncleRowley, Steven8
9/13/2022March: Book 2Lewis, John; Andrew, Aydin; Powell, Nate8
9/13/2022Sun Does Shine, TheHinton, Anthony Ray8
9/7/2022Gender QueerKobabe, Maia8
9/7/2022Woman of LightFajardo-Anstine, Kali8
9/2/2022OrlandoWoolf, Virginia8
9/2/2022Tell Me Everything: The Story of a Private InvestigationKrouse, Erika10
9/2/2022This Bridge Called My BackMoraga, Cherre (ed)8
8/25/2022Antelope WifeErdrich, Louise8
8/25/2022Fools CrowWelch, James8
8/25/2022Good Soldier, TheFord, Ford Madox8
8/25/2022Just MercyStevenson, Bryan8
8/25/2022Magus, TheFowles, John8
8/25/2022Ministry for the Future, The: A NovelRobinson, Kim Stanley8
8/25/2022Moviegoer, ThePercy, Walker8
8/25/2022Naked and the Dead, TheMailer, Norman8
8/25/2022Of Human BondageMaugham, W. Somerset8
8/25/2022Painted Bird, TheKosinski, Jerzy8
8/25/2022Perma RedEarling, Debra Magpie8
8/25/2022This Muslim American Life: Dispatches from the War on TerrorBayoumi, Moustafa8
8/19/2022Making of Asian America, TheLee, Erika8
8/15/2022AngelPatterson, James8
8/15/2022Daniel X: Game OverPatterson, James8
8/15/2022Magnolia LeagueCrouch, Katie10
8/15/2022Miracle WimpKraft, Erik P8
8/15/2022MoonShadow: The Nightmare NinjaHiggins, Simon11
8/15/2022Night of the Falling StarsBaltz, Terry & Wayne8
8/15/2022Reality CheckCalonita, Jen9
8/15/2022Rebel of the SandsHamilton, Alwyn11
8/15/2022SpoiledCocks, Heather11
8/15/2022Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik, TheArnold, David11
8/15/2022Undead Girl GangAnderson, Lily11
8/15/2022We Set the Dark on FireMejia, Tehlor Kay11
8/15/2022Who Could That Be at This Hour?Snicket, Lemony8
8/15/2022Witch & WizardPatterson, James8
8/11/2022Adoration of Jenna Fox, ThePearson, Mary E.12
8/11/2022Charlie, Presumed DeadHeltzel, Anne11
8/11/2022Daughter of the Pirate KingLevenseller, Tricia11
8/11/2022Dear MartinStone, Nic11
8/11/2022Eleanor and ParkRowell, Rainbow10
8/11/2022Fault in Our Stars, TheGreen, JohnTwo sets of 10 copies
8/11/2022Finding AudreyKinsella, Sophie12
8/11/2022Kingdom ComeRoss, Alex11
8/11/2022MagoniaHeadley, Maria Dahvana12
8/11/2022Monument 14Laybourne, Emmy10
8/11/2022One for the Blackbird, One for the CrowHawker, Olivia10
8/11/2022Sweeney Sisters, TheDolan, Lian12
8/11/2022Where'd You Go Bernadette?Semple, Maria10
8/3/2022High Conflict: Why We Get Trapped and How We Get OutRipley, Amanda8
7/26/2022Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, TheChabon, Michael8
7/26/2022Embers on the Wind: A NovelWilliamson Rosenberg, Lisa8
7/26/2022Girl, Woman, Other: A NovelEvaristo, Bernardine8
7/26/2022Heavy: An American MemoirLaymon, Kiese7
7/26/2022Henderson the Rain KingBellow, Saul8
7/26/2022High Wind in Jamaica, AHughes, Richard8
7/26/2022House of Mirth, TheWarton, Edith8
7/26/2022How Does It Feel to be a Problem?Bayoumi, Moustafa8
7/26/2022How High We Go in the Dark: A NovelNagamatsu , Sequoia8
7/26/2022Illustrated ManBradbury, Ray8
7/26/2022Invisible Man, TheWells, H.G.8
7/26/2022Killing Ragehooks, bell8
7/26/2022Known World, TheJones, Edward P.8
7/26/2022Lawn BoyEvison, Jonathan8
7/26/2022Let Me Tell You What I MeanDidion, Joan8
7/26/2022Lonesome DoveMcMurty, Larry8
7/26/2022Me and Earl and the Dying GirlAndrews, Jesse8
7/26/2022My Sister, the Serial Killer: A NovelBraithwaite, Oyinkan8
7/26/2022Out of DarknessPérez, Ashley Hope8
7/26/2022Personal Librarian, TheBenedict, Marie & Murray, Victoria Christopher9
7/26/2022Scout Mindset, The: Why Some People See Things Clearly and Others Don'tGalef, Julia8
7/26/2022Sea of Tranquility: A novelMandel, Emily St. John8
7/26/2022Separate Peace, AKnowles, John8
7/26/2022Seventeen Syllables and Other StoriesYamamoto, Hisaye8
7/26/2022Song of Achilles: A Novel, TheMiller, Madeline8
7/26/2022Spanish Daughter, TheHughes, Lorena8
7/26/2022This Book Is GayDawson, Juno8
7/26/2022VioletaAllende, Isabel8
7/26/2022Visit from the Goon Squad, AEgan, Jennifer8
7/26/2022War of the Worlds, TheWells, H.G.8
7/26/2022You Can't Say That!: Writers for Young People Talk About Censorship, Free Expression, and the Stories They Have to TellMarcus, Leonard S.8
7/12/2022All the Lives We Have Ever LivedSmith, Suzi Q (ed)8
7/12/2022Anil's Ghost: A NovelOndaatje, Michael8
7/12/2022Blacktop WastelandCosby, S. A.8
7/12/2022Cien Años de SoledadGarcía Márquez, Gabriel8
7/12/2022Cloud AtlasMitchell, David8
7/12/2022Cloud Cuckoo LandDoerr, Anthony8
7/12/2022Cutting for StoneVerghese, Abraham8
7/12/2022Daisy Jones and The Six: A NovelJenkins Reid, Taylor8
7/12/2022Detransition, BabyPeters, Torrey8
7/12/2022EducatedWestover, Tara13
7/12/2022Everything I Never Told YouNg, Celeste8
7/12/2022Exit WestHamid, Mohsin8
7/12/2022Felon: PoemsBetts, Reginald Dwayne8
7/12/2022FrankensteinShelley, Mary8
7/12/2022Freedom from the KnownKrishnamurti, Jiddu8
7/12/2022Full Body Burden: Growing Up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky FlatsIversen, Kristen8
7/12/2022Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the LawRoach, Mary8
7/12/2022Gentleman in Moscow, The: A NovelTowles, Amor8
7/12/2022Glass Castle, The: A MemoirWalls, Jeannette8
7/12/2022Halfway Home: Race, Punishment, and the Afterlife of Mass IncarcerationMiller, Reuben Jonathan8
7/12/2022Hours, TheCunningham, Michael8
7/12/2022House in the Cerulean Sea, TheKlune, TJ8
7/12/2022How to Kill a City: Gentrification, Inequality, and the Fight for the NeighborhoodMoskowitz, PE8
7/12/2022I Hope We Choose LoveThom, Kai Cheng8
7/12/2022I Was Their American Dream: A Graphic MemoirGharib, Malaka8
7/12/2022In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl's Journey to FreedomPark, Yeonmi8
7/12/2022In the Time of the ButterfliesAlvarez, Julia8
7/12/2022InfidelHirsi Ali, Ayaan8
7/12/2022Kitchen House, The: A NovelGrissom, Kathleen9
7/12/2022Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, TheSacks, Oliver8
7/12/2022Martian, TheWeir, Andy8
7/12/2022Moby DickMelville, Herman8
7/12/2022Night Circus, TheMorgenstern, Erin8
7/12/2022Night Watchman: A NovelErdrich, Louise8
7/12/2022On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous: A NovelVuong, Ocean8
7/12/2022On JuneteenthGordon-Reed, Annette8
7/12/2022Overstory, The: A NovelPowers, Richard8
7/12/2022Pillars of the Earth, TheFollett, Ken8
7/12/2022Power, TheAlderman, Naomi8
7/12/2022Punching the AirZoboi, Ibi8
7/12/2022Sharks in the Time of Saviors: A NovelWashburn, Kawai Strong8
7/12/2022Should We Stay or Should We Go: A NovelShriver, Lionel9
7/12/2022SolarisLem, Stanisław8
7/12/2022Tell It Slant: An Anthology of Creative Nonfiction by Writers from Colorado’s PrisonsSmith, Suzi Q (ed)8
7/12/2022Testaments, The: A NovelAtwood, Margaret8
7/12/2022When Abortion Was a Crime: Women, Medicine, and Law in the United States, 1867-1973, with a New PrefaceReagan, Leslie J.8
7/12/2022Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday LifeKabat-Zinn, Jon8
7/12/2022Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest TrailStrayed, Cheryl8
7/12/2022Wolf HallMantel, Hillary8
7/7/2022Johnny Got His GunTrumbo, Dalton8
7/7/2022O PioneersCather, Willa8
6/30/2022Time Traveller's Wife, TheNiffenegger, Audrey10
6/16/2022We Are All Completely Beside OurselvesFowler, Karen Joy8
6/14/2022Hate: Why We Should Resist It with Free Speech, Not CensorshipStrossen, Nadine8
6/12/2022Locked in: The True Causes of Mass Incarceration and How to Achieve Real ReformPfaff, John8
6/12/2022Politics Industry: How Political Innovation Can Break Partisan Gridlock and Save Our DemocracyRhythm of Life, The: Living Every Day with Passion & Purpose8
6/12/2022Reimagining Capitalism in a World on FireHenderson, Rebecca8
6/12/2022Stay with MeFiorina, Nicole8
6/7/2022When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Chair: A MemoirHarbuck, Ryan Rae10
5/31/2022Blood MemoryIles, Greg10
5/10/2022Automating Inequality: How High-tech Tools Profile, Police, and Punish the PoorEubanks, Virginia8
4/28/202257 Bus, The: a True Story of Two Teenagers and the Crime that Changed Theirs LivesSlater, Dashka10
4/28/2022Finding DorothyLetts, Elizabeth8
4/28/2022Lager Queen of Minnesota, TheStradal, J. Ryan8
4/6/2022United States of Grace: A Memoir of Homelessness, Addiction, Incarceration and HopeDuncan, Lenny8
3/23/2022Burning Girl, TheMessud, Claire10
3/23/2022Gone So LongDubus III, Andre10
3/23/2022Nest, TheSweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix9
3/23/2022Rumbo Al Hermoso NorteUrrea Alberto, Luis9
3/11/2022AfterlifeAlvarez, Julia11
3/11/2022One and Only Ivan, TheApplegate, Katherine8
3/10/20221619 Project, The: A New Origin StoryHannah-Jones, Nikole8
3/10/2022Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, TheTwain, Mark8
3/10/2022All American BoysJason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely8
3/10/2022All Boys Aren't Blue: A Memoir-ManifestoJohnson, George M.8
3/10/2022All the Kings MenPenn Warren, Robert8
3/10/2022Amache RememberedFuchigami, Robert Y8
3/10/2022Amber Spyglass, The (His Dark Materials: Book 3)Pullman, Philip8
3/10/2022America Is in the Heart: A Personal HistoryBulosan, Carlos8
3/10/2022American PsychoEllis, Bret Easton8
3/10/2022American Tragedy, AnDreiser, Theodore8
3/10/2022Animal FarmOrwell, George8
3/10/2022Between the World and MeCoates, Ta-Nehisi8
3/10/2022Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak OutKuklin, Susan8
3/10/2022Bleed Into MeJones, Stephen Graham8
3/10/2022Call Us What We CarryGorman, Amanda8
3/10/2022Catch-22Heller, Joseph8
3/10/2022Crying in H-Mart: A MemoirZauner, Michelle8
3/10/2022Fight ClubPalahniuk, Chuck8
3/10/2022Giver, TheLowry, Lois8
3/10/2022Golden Compass, The (His Dark Materials: Book 1)Pullman, Philip8
3/10/2022Gulliver's TravelsSwift, Jonathan8
3/10/2022Hanging on Union Square, TheTsiang, H. T.8
3/10/2022Hobbit, The (four book set- see below)Tolkien, J. R. R.8
3/10/2022House of the Spirits, TheAllende, Isabel8
3/10/2022LolitaNabokov, Vladimir8
3/10/2022Looking for AlaskaGreen, John8
3/10/2022Lord of the FliesGolding, William8
3/10/2022Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the RingTolkien, J. R. R.8
3/10/2022Lord of the Rings: Return of the KingTolkien, J. R. R.8
3/10/2022Lord of the Rings: Two TowersTolkien, J. R. R.8
3/10/2022Only Good Indians, TheJones, Stephen Graham8
3/10/2022Only What We Could Carry: The Japanese American Internment ExperienceInada, Lawson Fuseo (Editor)8
3/10/2022People's History of the United States, AZinn, Howard8
3/10/2022Perks of Being a Wallflower, TheChbosky, Stephen8
3/10/2022Sophie's ChoiceStyron, William8
3/10/2022SpeakAnderson, Halse Laurie8
3/10/2022Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the BeginningJason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi8
3/10/2022Subtle Knife, The (His Dark Materials: Book 2 )Pullman, Philip8
3/3/2022All My Mother’s LoversMasad, Ilana8
3/3/2022Better Man, APenny, Louise8
3/3/2022Bookshop in Berlin, A: the Rediscovered Memoir of One Woman's Harrowing Escape From the NazisFrenkel, Francoise and Modiano, Patrick8
3/3/2022How Much of These Hills is GoldZhang, C Pam9
3/3/2022Into the Planet: My Life as a Cave DiverHeinerth, Jill8
3/3/2022Knock at Midnight, ABarnett, Brittany K.8
3/3/2022Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls: A MemoirMadden, T Kira9
3/3/2022Pack Up the MoonHiggins, Kristan8
3/3/2022Redhead by the Side of the RoadTyler, Anne8
2/15/2022Silver Baron's Wife, TheBaier Stein, Donna9
1/26/2022Elizabethan Assassin: Theodore Paleologus Seducer, Spy, and KillerHall, John8
1/26/2022Young Philby: A NovelLittell, Robert8
1/18/2022Uncertain Age, An: Poems by Bold Women of a Certain AgeInk Sisters12
1/11/2022It Can’t Happen HereLewis, Sinclair10
11/23/2021Everything, EverythingYoon, Nicola8
11/23/2021HootHiaasen, Carl8
11/23/2021Long Walk to Water, APark, Linda Sue8
11/23/2021Long Way Home, A: A Boy's Incredible Journey from India to Australia and Back AgainBrierley, Saroo8
11/23/2021Rhythm of Life, The: Living Every Day with Passion and PurposeKelly, Matthew8
11/23/2021Shack, The: Where Tragedy Confronts EternityYoung, William P.8
11/22/2021Color of Water, TheMcBride, James8
11/22/2021Diary of a Young Girl, The: Anne FrankFrank, Anne8
11/22/2021Grapes of Wrath, TheSteinbeck, John8
11/22/2021Odyssey, TheHomer8
11/22/2021Searching for ChipetaKrudwig, Vickie Leigh8
11/17/2021Bond, TheGrotticelli, A.M.8
11/17/2021CountryHughes, Michael8
11/11/2021Calling Me HomeKibler, Julie10
11/11/2021Conflict Resolution for Holy BeingsHarjo, Joy8
11/11/2021End of Your Life Book Club, TheSchwalbe, Will11
11/11/2021Four Agreements, TheRuiz, Don Miguel11
11/11/2021House for Happy Mothers, TheMalladi, Amulya12
11/11/2021Killer Next Door, TheMarwood, Alex12
11/11/2021LessGreer, Andrew Sean13
11/11/2021Life We Bury, TheEskens, Allen11
11/11/2021Light of Paris, TheBrown, Eleanor12
11/11/2021Midnight at the Bright Ideas BookstoreSullivan, Matthew12
11/11/2021Mothers and Other LiarsBourret, Amy12
11/11/2021Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour BookstoreSloan, Robin12
11/11/2021Ninth Hour, TheMcDermott, Alice12
11/11/2021Paris Architect, TheBelfoure, Charles12
11/11/2021Paris Wife, TheMcLain, Paula12
11/11/2021Perfume Collector, TheTessaro, Kathleen12
11/11/2021Storied Life of A. J. Fikry, TheZevin, GabrielleOne set of 10 copies and one set of 9 copies
11/11/2021Sudden Appearance of Hope, TheNorth, Claire12
11/10/2021Youth to Power: Your Voice and How to Use ItMargolin, Jamie8
10/21/202121 Lessons for the 21st CenturyHarari, Yuval Noah8
10/21/2021Before I Go to SleepWatson, S. J.12
10/21/2021Before the FallHawley, Noah12
10/21/2021Bird BoxMalerman, Josh12
10/21/2021Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, TheRichardson, Kim8
10/21/2021Children's Blizzard, TheBenjamin, Melanie8
10/21/2021Close Enough to TouchOakley, Colleen8
10/21/2021If the Creek Don't RiseWeiss, Leah8
10/21/2021Measure of Our Lives, The: a Gathering of WisdomMorrison, Toni8
10/21/2021One More for ChristmasMorgan, Sarah8
10/21/2021Return to the Reich: A Holocost Refugee's Secret Mission to Defeat the NazisLichtblau, Eric8
10/21/2021Saving Jemima: Life and Love with a Hard-Luck JayZickefoose, Julie8
10/21/2021Very Stable Genius, A: Donald J. Trump’s Testing of AmericaRucker, Philip8
10/21/2021Wandering in Strange Lands: A Daughter of the Great Migration Reclaims Her RootsJerkins, Morgan8
10/21/2021Way Through the Woods, The: On Mushrooms and MourningLong, Litt Woon8
10/21/2021Year 1000, The: When Explorers Connected the World and Globalization BeganHansen, Valerie8
10/14/2021Five People You Meet in Heaven, TheAlbom, Mitch10
10/14/2021In a Town Called ParadoxRichard Starks & Miriam Murcutt9
10/14/2021Leave the World BehindAlam, Rumaan8
9/30/2021Daughter of Molok'aiBrennert, Alan8
9/30/2021Great Believers, TheMakkai, Rebecca12
9/30/2021Green Mile, TheKing, Stephen10
9/30/2021If I Live Until MorningMuenchrath, Jean12
9/30/2021Our Souls at NightHaruf, Kent12
9/30/2021Pandora's LunchboxWarner, Melanie10
9/30/2021Perfect Mother, TheMolloy, Aimee8
9/30/2021Prayers for SaleDallas, Sandra10
9/30/2021SisterlandSittenfeld, Curtis10
9/30/2021South of BroadConroy, Pat10
9/30/2021Sparrow, TheRussell, Mary Doria8
9/30/2021Water for ElephantsGruen, Sara14
9/30/2021Wolverine is Eating My Leg, ACahill, Tim8
9/22/2021Lost Girls of Paris, TheJenoff, Pam12
9/22/2021Prayer for Owen Meany, AIrving, John12
9/22/2021Small Fry: a MemoirBrennan-Jobs, Lisa12
9/10/2021Amid Stars and DarknessFeener, Chani Lynn11
9/10/2021Circle, TheEggers, Dave12
9/10/2021Female of the Species, The: A NovelMcGinnis, Mindy11
9/10/2021Girl Who Fell From the Sky, The: A NovelDurrow, Heidi W.12
9/10/2021Girl, Wash Your FaceHollis, Rachel12
9/10/2021Heretics AnonymousHenry, Katie11
9/10/2021Light Between Oceans, The: A NovelStedman, M. L.12
9/10/2021Pocket Wife, The: A NovelCrawford, Susan11
9/10/2021Selection, TheCass, Kiera11
9/10/2021Shoemaker's Wife, The: A NovelTrigiani, Adriana12
9/10/2021State of Wonder: A NovelPatchett, Ann11
9/10/2021Truly DeviousJohnson, Maureen11
8/20/2021All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate CrisisJohnson, Ayana Elizabeth (Ed.), Wilkinson, Katharine K. (Ed.)8
8/20/2021AtonementMcEwan, Ian8
8/20/2021Blood MeridianMcCarthy, Cormac8
8/20/2021DeliveranceDickey, James8
8/20/2021Go Tell It on the MountainBaldwin, James8
8/20/2021Great Gatsby, TheFitzgerald, F. Scott8
8/20/2021House for Mr. Biswas, ANaipaul, V.S.8
8/20/2021Invisible ManEllison, Ralph8
8/20/2021NeuromancerGibson, William8
8/20/2021Never Let Me GoIshiguro, Kazuo8
8/20/2021One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestKesey, Ken8
8/20/2021Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, TheSpark, Muriel8
8/20/2021Prophet, TheGibran, Kahlil8
8/20/2021Raisin in the Sun, AHansberry, Lorraine8
8/20/2021Twelve Years a SlaveNorthup, Solomon8
8/20/2021Wuthering HeightsBronte, Emily8
8/20/2021Yellow House, The: A MemoirBroom, Sarah M.8
7/21/2021Georgia: A Novel of Georgia O'KeefeTripp, Dawn10
7/21/2021Heat and Light: A NovelHaigh, Jennifer10
7/21/2021Passenger, The: A NovelLutz, Lisa10
7/21/2021We Never Asked for WingsDiffenbaugh, Vanessa10
7/21/2021Women in the Castle, TheShattuck, Jessica10
7/15/2021American Sherlock: Murder, Forensices, and the Birth of American CSIWinkler Dawson, Kate8
7/15/2021Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood YearsAndrews, Julie8
7/15/2021Honeybee Heart Has Five Openings, A: A Year of Keeping BeesJukes, Helen9
7/15/2021In the Dream House: A MemoirMachado, Carmen Maria8
7/15/2021LaRoseErdrich, Louise12
7/15/2021Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good AncestorSaad, Layla F.8
7/15/2021Men Explain Things to MeSolnit, Rebecca8
7/15/2021On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New DealKlein, NaomiTwo sets of 8 copies
7/15/2021Orphan TrainBaker Kline, Christina12
7/15/2021Pioneers, TheMcCullough, David8
7/15/2021Story of More, The: How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from HereJahren, Hope8
7/15/2021Sun is a Compass, The: A 4,000 Mile Journey into the Alaskan Wildsvan Hemert, Caroline8
7/15/2021Talking to StrangersGladwell, Malcolm9
7/15/2021Three WomenTaddeo, Lisa8
7/15/2021Under the Wide and Starry SkyHoran, Nancy12
7/15/2021Undying, The: Pain, Vulnerability, Mortality, Medicine, Art, Time, Dreams, Data, Exhaustion, Cancer, and CareBoyer, Anne8
7/15/2021Way I Heard It, TheRowe, Mike8
7/15/2021Wild Game: My Mother, Her Lover, and MeBrodeur, Adrienne8
7/15/2021Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs: Big Questions from Tiny Mortals about DeathDoughty, Caitlin8
7/15/2021Winter Army, TheIsserman, Maurice8
7/15/2021Year of the MonkeySmith, Patti8
6/30/2021Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, TheBrown, Daniel JamesTwo sets of 12 copies
6/16/2021Age of Innocence, TheWharton, Edith8
6/16/2021Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists: A Graphic History of Women's Fight for Their RightsKendall, Mikki8
6/16/2021Brideshead RevisitedWaugh, Evelyn8
6/16/2021Call of the Wild, TheLondon, Jack8
6/16/2021Catcher in the Rye, TheSalinger, J.D.8
6/16/2021CirceMiller, Madeline8
6/16/2021Clockwork Orange, ABurgess, Anthony8
6/16/2021Color Purple, The Walker, Alice8
6/16/2021God of Small Things: A Novel, TheRoy, Arundhati8
6/16/2021Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, TheBarrows, Annie & Shaffer, Mary Ann8
6/16/2021Hate U Give, TheThomas, Angie8
6/16/2021Journey to the Center of the EarthVerne, Jules8
6/16/2021Left Hand of Darkness, TheLe Guin, Ursula K.8
6/16/2021Midnight's ChildrenRushdie, Salman8
6/16/2021Minor Feelings: An Asian American ReckoningHong, Cathy Park9
6/16/2021Picture of Dorian Gray, TheWilde, Oscar9
6/16/2021RebeccaDu Maurier, Daphne8
6/16/2021Sun Also Rises, TheHemingway, Ernest8
6/16/2021Their Eyes Were Watching GodHurston, Zora Neale8
6/16/2021They Called Us EnemyTakei, George8
6/16/2021To the LighthouseWoolf, Virginia8
6/16/2021Tree Grows in Brooklyn, ASmith, Betty8
6/16/2021Warmth of Other Suns, TheWilkerson, Isabel8
6/16/2021Ways of White Folks, The: StoriesHughes, Langston8
6/16/2021Wide Sargasso SeaRhys, Jean8
6/16/2021Yellow Bird: Oil, Murder, and a Woman's Search for Justice in Indian CountryMurdoch, Sierra Crane11
6/9/2021We Need to Talk: Having Conversations that MatterHeadlee, Celeste8
5/5/2021Beyond Banned Books: Defending Intellectual Freedom Throughout Your LibraryPekoll, Kristin8
5/5/2021Intellectual Freedom Stories from a Shifting LandscapeNye, Valerie (ed)8
4/28/2021News of the World: A NovelJiles, Paulette9
4/28/2021This Dark Road to Mercy: A NovelCash, Wiley11
4/20/2021All Blood Runs Red: The Legendary Life of Eugene Bullard-Boxer, Pilot, Soldier, SpyKeith, Philip A. & Clavin, Tom8
4/20/2021Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley StartupCarreyrou, John8
4/20/2021Becoming Wild: How Animal Cultures Raise Families, Create Beauty, and Achieve PeaceSafina, Carl8
4/20/2021Before and After: The Incredible Real-Life Stories of Orphans Who Survived the Tennessee Children's Home SocietyChristie, Judy & Wingate, Lisa8
4/20/2021Blowout: Corrupted Democracy, Rogue State Russia, and the Richest, Most Destructive Industry on EarthMaddow, Rachel9
4/20/2021Book of Rosy, The: A Mother's Story of Separation at the BorderSchwietert Collazo, Julie & Pablo Cruz, Rosayra8
4/20/2021Brother & Sister: A MemoirKeaton, Diane8
4/20/2021Building a Life Worth Living: A MemoirLinehan, Marsha M.8
4/20/2021Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect PredatorsFarrow, Ronan8
4/20/2021Crisis in the Red Zone: The Story of the Deadliest Ebola Outbreak in History, and of the Outbreaks to ComePreston, Richard8
4/20/2021Crossfire Hurricane: Inside Donald Trump's War on Justice and the FBICampbell, Josh9
4/20/2021Day It Finally Happens, The: Alien Contact, Dinosaur Parks, Immortal Humans—and Other Possible PhenomenaPearl, Mike9
4/20/2021Deep Delta Justice: A Black Teen, His Lawyer, and Their Groundbreaking Battle for Civil Rights in the SouthVan Meter, Matthew8
4/20/2021Finding Chika: A Little Girl, an Earthquake, and the Making of a FamilyAlbom, Mitch8
4/20/2021Fire in Paradise: An American TragedyGee, Alastair & Anguiano, Dani8
4/20/2021First, The: How to Think About Hate Speech, Campus Speech, Religious Speech, Fake News, Post-Truth, and Donald TrumpFish, Stanley8
4/20/2021Five Days: The Fiery Reckoning of an American CityGreen, Erica L. & Moore, Wes8
4/20/2021For Small Creatures Such as We: Rituals for Finding Meaning in Our Unlikely WorldSagan, Sasha8
4/20/2021Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your GoalsHollis, Rachel8
4/20/2021Great Pretender, The: The Undercover Mission that Changed Our Understanding of MadnessCahalan, Susannah8
4/20/2021Growing Season, The: How I Built a New Life--and Saved an American FarmFrey, Sarah8
4/20/2021Here for It: Or, How to Save Your Soul in America ; EssaysThomas, R. Eric8
4/20/2021Here We Are: American Dreams, American NightmaresShahani, Aarti Namdev9
4/20/2021Searching for Sylvie Lee: A NovelKwok, JeanTwo sets of 9 copies
4/20/2021Weight of a Piano, TheCander, Chris8
3/16/2021You'll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey: Crazy Stories about RacismRuffin, Amber / Lamar, Lacey8
3/2/2021American Indian StoriesZitkala-Sa8
3/2/2021Assata: An AutobiographyShakur, Assata8
3/2/2021Autobiography of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley, TheX, Malcolm8
3/2/2021Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu: And Their Race to Save the World's Most Precious Manuscripts, TheHammer, Joshua8
3/2/2021Born a Crime: Stories from a South African ChildhoodNoah, Trevor8
3/2/2021Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of PlantsKimmerer, Robin Wall8
3/2/2021CrescentAbu-Jaber, Diana8
3/2/2021Daughters of the Night SkyRunyan, Aimie8
3/2/2021Fire Next Time, TheBaldwin, James8
3/2/2021Four Hundred Souls: A Community History of African America, 1619-2019Kendi, Ibram X (Ed)8
3/2/2021Gospel of Bones, ASmith, Suzi Q8
3/2/2021Hood FeminismKendall, Mikki8
3/2/2021If They Come for Us: PoemsAsghar, Fatimah8
3/2/2021Midnight Library: A Novel, TheHaig, Matt8
3/2/2021Native SonWright, Richard8
3/2/2021Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Goodbrown, adrienne maree8
3/2/2021Selected Works of Audre Lorde, TheLorde, Audre8
3/2/2021Tale for the Time Being, AOzeki, Ruth8
3/2/2021There ThereOrange, Tommy8
3/2/2021Vanishing Half: A Novel, TheBennett, Brit8
2/22/2021House That Love Built: Why I Opened My Door to Immigrants and How We Found Hope Beyond a Broken System, TheJackson, Sarah10
2/4/2021Saints for All OccasionsSullivan, J. Courtney10
2/1/2021Behold the DreamersMbue, Imbolo10
2/1/2021Deep Creek: Finding Hope in the High CountryHouston, Pam8
2/1/2021Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon, TheGrann, David10
2/1/2021Wind is Not a River, ThePayton, Brian10
1/27/2021Hotel Florida: Truth, Love, and Death in the Spanish Civil WarVaill, Amanda8
9/16/2020Borderland: A Kyle Dawson NovelEichstaedt, Peter8
9/4/2020Hum of our BloodGarner, Madelyn8
8/27/2020Caste: the Origins of our DiscontentsWilkerson, Isabel11
8/20/2020HappenstanceSheehan, Phil10
8/20/2020Once and Future Silver Queen of the Rockies: Georgetown, Colorado, and the Fight for Survival into the Twentieth Century, TheBradley, Christine A. & Smith, Duane A.8
8/20/2020Tempest-Tost: The Refugee Experience Through One Community's PrismDodge, Robert10
7/24/2020New Jim Crow: Mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness, TheAlexander, Michelle8
7/20/2020Space MurderHaverstock, NL10
7/1/2020Stamped from the beginning: The definitive history of Racist ideas in AmericaKendi, Ibram X8
6/24/2020Ask Again, YesKeane, Mary Beth9
6/24/2020Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America, TheRothstein, Richard8
6/24/2020HomeMorrison, Toni8
6/24/2020Last Romantics: A Novel, TheConklin, Tara9
6/24/2020Last Stand of the Pack, TheCarhart, Arthur H.8
6/24/2020Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children in a Racially Unjust AmericaHarvey, Jennifer8
6/24/2020Remembering LucileBugros McLean, Polly E.8
6/24/2020Season of TerrorPrice, Charles F.8
6/24/2020White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About RacismDiangelo, Robin8
6/24/2020White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged SonWise, Tim8
6/17/2020Be The ArtistEvans, Thomas10
6/17/2020I know why the Caged Bird SingsAngelou, Maya8
6/17/2020Sea of Grass: A Family Tale from the American Heartland, TheEcho-Hawk, Walter10
6/17/2020So You Want to Talk About RaceOluo, Ijeoma8
6/17/2020Strange Fruit, Volume I: Uncelebrated Narratives from Black HistoryGill, Joel Christian10
6/17/2020Telling Your StoryApps, Jerry10
6/2/2020Desert SolitaireAbbey, Edward8
6/1/2020Middlesex: A NovelEugenides, Jeffrey8
5/31/2020Palaces for the People: How Social Infrastructure Can Help Fight Inequality, Polarization, and the Decline of Civic LifeKlinenberg, Eric9
5/30/2020Deep Work: Rules for focused Success in a Distracted WorldNewport, Cal8
5/29/2020Do Androids Dream of Electric sheepDick, Philip K8
5/29/2020Slaughterhouse-FiveVonnegut, Kurt8
5/26/2020Heart of DarknessConrad, Joseph8
5/26/2020In Cold BloodCapote, Truman8
5/26/2020Leaves of GrassWhitman, Walt8
5/25/2020PachinkoLee, Min Jin8
5/23/2020Fahrenheit 451Bradbury, Ray8
5/23/2020NightWiesel, Elie8
5/23/2020Poisonwood Bible, TheKingsolver, Barbara8
5/23/2020Stand, TheKing, Stephen8
5/23/2020Station ElevenMandel, Emily St. John8
5/20/2020Women of Brewster Place, TheNaylor, Gloria8
5/19/2020MiddlemarchEliot, George8
5/16/2020Stranger, TheCamus, Albert8
5/13/2020Casa de los espíritus, LaAllende, Isabel8
5/13/2020Elephant Vanishes, TheMurakami, Haruki8
5/12/2020Amor en los tiempos del cólera, ElGarcía Márquez, Gabriel8
5/12/2020Largo pétalo de marAllende, Isabel8
5/12/2020RayuelaCortázar, Julio8
5/8/2020Brothers Karamazov, TheDostoyevsky, Fyodor8
5/8/2020Confederacy of Dunces, AToole, John Kennedy8
5/8/2020Little Fires EverywhereNg, Celeste8
5/8/2020Tenth of DecemberSaunders, George8
5/7/2020Conquest of the Useless: Reflections from the Making of FitzcarraldoHerzog, Werner8
5/6/2020Girl with Curious Hair, TheWallace, David Foster8
5/6/2020Howard's EndForster, E. M.8
5/6/2020Jane EyreBronte, Charlotte8
5/6/2020Life on Mars: PoemsSmith, Tracy K.8
5/6/2020Nine StoriesSalinger, J. D.8
5/6/2020One Hundred Years of SolitudeMárquez, Gabriel García8
5/6/2020RoomDonoghue, Emma8
5/4/2020All the Light We Cannot SeeDoerr, Anthony8
5/4/2020Fear and Loathing in Las VegasThompson, Hunter S8
5/4/2020Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in CrisisVance, J. D.8
5/4/2020Persepolis: The Story of a ChildhoodSatrapi, Marjane9
5/4/2020War and PeaceTolstoy, Leo8
5/3/2020Brief Interviews with Hideous MenWallace, David Foster8
5/3/2020If on a Winter's Night a TravelerCalvino, Italo8
5/3/2020Little WomenAlcott, Louisa May8
5/3/2020Of Mice and MenSteinbeck, John8
5/3/2020White TeethSmith, Zadie8
5/2/2020Where the Crawdads SingOwens, Delia8
5/1/2020Brave New WorldHuxley, Aldous8
5/1/2020Loose WomanCisneros, Sandra8
5/1/2020Nightingale, TheHannah, Kristin8
5/1/2020Residence on EarthNeruda, Pablo8
5/1/2020Road, TheMcCarthy, Cormac8
5/1/2020Things They Carried, TheO'Brien, Tim8
4/29/2020American Marriage, AnJones, Tayari8
4/29/2020AmericanahAdichie, Chimamanda Ngozi8
4/29/2020Dog SongsOliver, Mary8
4/29/2020Homegoing: A NovelGyasi, Yaa8
3/13/2020Flight BehaviorKingsolver, Barbara8
2/15/20201984Orwell, George8
2/15/2020Antes de ser libresAlvarez, Julia8
2/15/2020CarameloCisneros, Sandra8
1/30/2020Astrophysics for People in a HurryTyson, Neil deGrasse8
1/30/2020Bitcoin Billionaires: A True Story of Genius, Betrayal, and RedemptionMezrich, Ben8
1/30/2020Fear: Trump in the White HouseWoodward, Bob8
1/30/2020Ghosts of Gold Mountain: The Epic Story of the Chinese Who Built the Transcontinental RailroadChang, Gordon H9
1/30/2020I Like To Watch: Arguing My Way Through the TV RevolutionNussbaum, Emily8
1/30/2020Last Leonardo: the Secret Lives of the World's Most Expensive PaintingsLewis, Ben8
1/30/2020Newcomers: Finding Refuge, Friendship, and Hope in an American Classroom, TheThorpe, Helen8
1/30/2020One Thousand White Women: the Journals of May DoddFergus, Jim11
1/30/2020Secret Wisdom of Nature: Trees, Animals, and the Extraordinary Balance of All Living Things: Stories from Science and Observation, TheWohlleben, Peter8
1/30/2020War for Kindness: Building Empathy in a Fractured WorldZaki, Jamil8
1/21/2020Before We Were YoursWingate, Lisa8
1/21/2020Essex Serpent, ThePerry, Sarah10
1/21/2020Great Alone, TheHannah, Kristin9
1/21/2020I'm Still StandingColeman, Colleen8
1/21/2020My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's SorryBackman, Fredrik10
1/21/2020Precious One, TheDe Los Santos, Marisa10
1/21/2020Radium Girls, TheMoore, Kate10
1/15/2020Place for Us, AMirza, Fatima Farheen10
1/15/2020Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us, from Missiles to the Moon to MarsHolt, Nathalia10
1/9/2020Black Count, TheReiss, Tom8
1/9/2020Descanso for My FatherFletcher, Harrison Candelaria8
1/9/2020Eleanor of AquitaineWeir, Alison8
1/9/2020Let the Great World SpinMcCann, Colum8
1/9/2020MusicophiliaSacks, Oliver8
1/9/2020Under the Banner of HeavenKrakauer, Jon8
1/9/2020Zookeeper's Wife, TheAckerman, Diane8
12/20/2019Orhan's InheritanceOhanesian, Aline8
12/18/2019Bel CantoPatchett, Ann8
12/18/2019Distancia Entre Nosotros, LaGrande, Reyna10
12/18/2019Mennonite in a Little Black Dress: A Memoir of Going HomeJanzen, Rhoda8
12/12/2019American Creation: Triumphs and Tragedies at the Founding of the RepublicEllis, Joseph J.8
12/12/2019Beautiful BoySheff, David10
12/12/2019Last of the Menu Girls, TheChávez, Denise8
12/12/2019Power and the Glory, TheGreene, Graham8
12/12/2019River of Doubt, The: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest JourneyMillard, Candice8
12/12/2019Worst Hard Time, TheEgan, Timothy8
11/15/2019Humans of New York StoriesStanton, Brandon9
11/12/2019American Spirit, TheMcCullough, David8
11/12/2019How to be a Good Creature: A Memoir in Thirteen AnimalsMontgomery, Sy8
11/12/2019Map of Salt and Stars, TheJoukhadar, Zeyn8
11/12/2019What Truth Sounds Like: RFK, James Baldwin, and Our Unfinished Conversation About Race in AmericaDyson, Michael Eric8
10/11/2019How to be an AntiracistKendi, Ibram X10
10/11/2019Library Book, TheOrlean, Susan8
10/11/2019Rabbit Listened, TheDoerrfeld, Cori12
9/26/2019Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineHoneyman, Gail8
9/26/2019Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, TheSkloot, RebeccaOne set of 12 plus audio CD and one set of 13
9/18/2019Handmaid's Tale, TheAtwood, Margaret8
9/18/2019Little BrotherDoctorow, Cory8
9/18/2019My ÁntoniaCather, Willa12
8/14/2019Obsessive Genius: The Inner World of Marie CurieGoldsmith, Barbara9
8/14/2019Sing for Your Life: A Story of Race, Music, and FamilyBergner, Daniel8
8/14/2019Snow Flower and the Secret Fan: A NovelSee, Lisa10
8/1/2019Circling the SunMcLain, Paula9
8/1/2019Lost Canyon: A NovelRevoyr, Nina10
8/1/2019Maus ISpiegelman, Art8
8/1/2019Maus IISpiegelman, Art8
8/1/2019PaxPennypacker, Sara12
8/1/2019Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop TalkingCain, Susan8
8/1/2019Rules of CivilityTowles, Amor10
8/1/2019Things Fall ApartAchebe, Chinua8
8/1/2019UgliesWesterfeld, Scott8
3/12/2019Anatomy of a MiracleMiles, Jonathan8
3/12/2019Man Called Ove, ABackman, Fredrik15
3/12/2019Only Girl in the World, TheJulien, Maude8
3/12/2019River of Consciousness, TheSacks, Oliver8
3/12/2019Widows of Malabar Hill, TheMassey, Sujata8
2/5/2019Lucky BoySekaran, Shanthi14
2/5/2019Main StreetLewis, Sinclair8
2/5/2019Maltese Falcon, TheHammett, Dashiell9
2/5/2019Thin Man, TheHammett, Dashiell8
1/11/2019FigSchantz, Sarah Elizabeth8
12/19/2018Book of Unknown Americans, TheHenriquez, Cristina10
10/31/2018Field Guide to Lies, ALevitin, Daniel J.8
10/23/2018Gargoyle, TheDavidson, Andrew9
10/5/2018City of ThornsRawlence, Ben8
10/5/2018Origin of Others, TheMorrison, Toni8
9/6/2018Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the UniverseSaenz, Benjamin Alire8
9/6/2018Colony in a Nation, AHayes, Chris8
9/6/2018Fate of Gender: Nature, Nurture, and the Human Future, TheBrowning, Frank8
9/6/2018Not a Crime to be PoorEdelman, Peter13
9/6/2018Real American: A MemoirLythcott-Haims, Julie8
9/6/2018Saboteur, TheKix, Paul8
9/6/2018Stars are Fire, TheShreve, Anita12
9/6/2018Unbanking of America, TheServon, Lisa8
8/9/2018From Here to Eternity: Traveling the World to Find the Good DeathDoughty, Caitlin15
8/9/2018Future Home of the Living God: A NovelErdrich, Louise13
8/9/2018I Can't Breathe: A Killing on Bay StreetTaibbi, Matt8
8/9/2018Nobody: Casualties of America's War on the Vulnerable, from Ferguson to Flint and BeyondHill, Marc Lamont8
8/9/2018Walkaway: A NovelDoctorow, Cory8
8/9/2018We Were Eight Years in Power: An American TragedyCoates, Ta-NehisiTwo sets of 9 copies
8/7/2018Wrinkle in Time, AL'engle, MadeleineOne set of 11 copies and one set of 12 copies
7/20/2018Coldest Winter Ever, TheSouljah, Sister15
7/20/2018Desbarrancadero, ElVallejo, Fernando15
7/19/2018Behind the HoodHansen, Marita A.15
7/19/2018Casa en Mango Street, LaCisneros, Sandra15
7/19/2018En el Tiempo de las MariposasAlvarez, Julia15
7/19/2018Moth to a FlameAntoinette, Ashley15
7/19/2018Señales que Precederán al Fin del MundoHerrera, Yuri15
7/19/2018Transmigración de los Cuerpos, LaHerrera, Yuri15
7/6/2018AttendingEpstein, Ronald, M.D.8
7/6/2018Dare Not LingerMandela, Nelson8
7/6/2018Everybody's SonUmrigar, Thrity8
7/6/2018Good Kings, Bad KingsNussbaum, Susan10
7/6/2018Underground Railroad, TheWhitehead, Colson8
6/26/2018American Family, AnKhan, Khizr9
6/26/2018HungerGay, Roxane13
6/26/2018Really Good Day, AWaldman, Ayelet8
5/8/2018BelovedMorrison, Toni10
5/8/2018Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness, TheMontgomery, Sy10
5/8/2018Still Alice: A NovelGenova, Lisa10
5/7/2018Secret Chord, TheBrooks, Geraldine10
5/7/2018Secret Life of Bees, TheKidd, Sue Monk10
5/2/2018CuzAllen, Danielle9
5/2/2018Forest DarkKrauss, Nicole8
5/2/2018Hidden FiguresShetterly, Margot Lee8
5/2/2018Mrs. FletcherPerrotta, Tom8
5/2/2018Opposite of Woe: My Life in Beer and Politics, TheHickenlooper, John14
5/2/2018Stay with MeAdebayo, Ayobami8
5/2/2018Sunlight Pilgrims, TheFagan, Jenni8
5/2/2018When Breath Becomes AirKalanithi, Paul8
5/2/2018Woman in Cabin 10, TheWare, Ruth8
4/20/2018Belle Turnbull: On the Life & Work of an American MasterTurnbull, Belle8
4/20/2018Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and SweetFord, Jamie8
4/20/2018Love and Other Consolation PrizesFord, Jamie8
4/5/2018$500 House in Detroit: Rebuilding an Abandoned Home and an American City, APhilp, Drew8
4/5/2018Another Day in the Death of America: A Chronicle of Ten Short LivesYounge, Gary8
4/5/2018Blood at the Root: A Racial Cleansing in AmericaPhillips, Patrick8
4/5/2018Dry, TheHarper, Jane9
4/5/2018Inheritance: A Family on the Front Lines of the Battle Against Alzheimer's Disease, TheKapsambelis, Niki8
4/5/2018Jackson, 1964: And Other Dispatches from Fifty Years of Reporting on Race in AmericaTrillin, Calvin8
4/5/2018Swing TimeSmith, Zadie8
4/5/2018Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White AmericaDyson, Michael Eric8
4/5/2018Unraveling Oliver: A NovelNugent, Liz8
4/5/2018Woolly: The True Story of the Quest to Revive one of History's Most Iconic Extinct CreaturesMezrich, Ben12
3/2/2018Fire This Time, The: A New Generation Speaks About RaceWard, Jesmyn8
3/2/2018Norse MythologyGaiman, Neil8
3/2/2018Woman on the Stairs, TheSchlink, Bernhard8
2/28/2018In Other WordsLahiri, Jhumpa8
2/28/2018Nevertheless: a MemoirBaldwin, Alec8
2/27/2018Are You Anybody?: A MemoirTambor, Jeffrey5
2/27/2018Spy Who Couldn't Spell: A Dyslexic Traitor, An Unbreakable Code, and the FBI's Hunt for America's Stolen Secrets, TheBhattacharjee, Yudhijit8
2/26/2018Erotic Stories for Punjabi WidowsJaswal, Balli Kaur8
2/26/2018If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face?: My Adventures in the Art and Science of Relating and CommunicatingAlda, Alan8
2/26/2018Trespasser, TheFrench, Tana8
1/19/2018Distance Between Us: A Memoir, TheGrande, Reyna15
1/1/2018Citizen: an American LyricRankine, Claudia20
1/1/2018Dragon TeethCrichton, Michael10
1/1/2018I am JazzHerthel, Jessica ; Jennings, Jazz4
1/1/2018Wangs vs. the World, TheChang, Jade8
11/27/2017Bless Me, UltimaAnaya, Rudolfo8
11/27/2017Cold Comfort FarmGibbons, Stella8
11/27/2017Thousand Splendid Suns, AHosseini, Khaled11
11/21/2017All Grown Up: A NovelAttenberg, Jami8
11/21/2017CommonwealthPatchett, Ann12
11/21/2017Fire by Night, TheMessineo, Teresa8
11/21/2017Ginny Moon: A NovelLudwig, Benjamin8
11/21/2017Girls: A Novel, TheCline, Emma8
11/21/2017Hearts of Men: A Novel, TheButler, Nickolas8
11/21/2017Keeper of Lost Things: A Novel, TheHogan, Ruth8
11/21/2017Last Days of Cafe' Leila: A Novel, TheBijan, Donia8
11/21/2017Line Made by Walking, A: A NovelBaume, Sara10
11/21/2017My Cat Yugoslavia: A NovelStatovci, Pajtim8
11/21/2017Never Let You Go: A NovelStevens, Chevy8
11/21/2017Night the Lights Went Out, TheWhite, Karen8
11/21/2017No One is Coming to Save Us: A NovelWatts, Stephanie Powell8
11/21/2017Roanoke Girls: A Novel, TheEngel, Amy8
11/21/2017Setting Free the KitesGeorge, Alex8
11/21/2017Void Star: A NovelMason, Zachary8
10/2/2017Home Sweet HomeSmith, April8
10/2/2017Human ActsHan, Kang8
10/2/2017Leave Me: A NovelForman, Gayle8
10/2/2017Orphans of the Carnival: A NovelBirch, Carol8
10/2/2017Refugees, TheNguyen, Viet Thanh8
10/2/2017Selection Day: A NovelAdiga, Aravind8
10/2/2017Spy, TheCoelho, Paulo8
9/21/2017Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven, TheAlexie, Sherman15
9/19/2017Bookshop on the Corner, TheColgan, Jenny8
9/1/2017Etta and Otto and Russell and JamesHooper, Emma8
8/1/2017Little Greed MenO'Connell-Todd, Kym & Todd, Mark8
8/1/2017Secondhand HeroesHansen, Justin Larocca10
7/1/2017Breaking WildLes Becquets, Diane8
7/1/2017Eligible: A Modern Retelling of Pride and PrejudiceSittenfeld, Curtis8
7/1/2017French Chef in America, ThePrud'Homme, Alex8
7/1/2017Girl on the Train, TheHawkins, Paula8
7/1/2017Guineveres, TheDomet, Sarah8
7/1/2017In Such Good CompanyBurnett, Carol10
7/1/2017Keep MovingVan Dyke, Dick8
7/1/2017Last Days of Night, TheMoore, Graham8
7/1/2017VictoriaGoodwin, Daisy8
7/1/2017Writing to Save a Life: The Louis Till FileWideman, John Edgar8
6/1/2017Lovely Bones, TheSebold, Alice8
4/1/2017What is Not Yours is Not YoursOyeyemi, Helen8
4/1/2017Why Not Me?Kaling, Mindy8
3/1/2017Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at WarRoach, Mary8
3/1/2017Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko, TheStambach, Scott8
1/7/2017Abundance, TheDillard, Annie8
1/1/2017Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, TheAlexie, Sherman14
1/1/2017Black GlassFowler, Karen Joy8
1/1/2017Deafo, ElBell, Cece11
1/1/2017Dogs of WarKeenan, Sheila & Fox, Nathan14
1/1/2017Japanese Lover, TheAllende, Isabel8
1/1/2017Kitchens of the Great MidwestStradal, J. Ryan8
1/1/2017Lily and the OctopusRowley, Steven9
1/1/2017Nothing Short of DyingStorey, Erik8
1/1/2017Round House, TheErdrich, Louise13
12/1/2016Challenger DeepShusterman, Neal15
12/1/2016CrenshawApplegate, Katherine12
12/1/2016Show Your Work!Kleon, Austin15
12/1/2016Steal Like An ArtistKleon, Austin13
12/1/2016Yes, pleasePoehler, Amy15
11/1/2016Boston Girl, TheDiamant, Anita8
11/1/2016Invention of Wings, TheKidd, Sue Monk8
11/1/2016Kafka on the ShoreMurakami, Haruki10
11/1/2016Last Midwife, TheDallas, Sandra8
11/1/2016Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder, TheAnderson, William8
11/1/2016Who Do You LoveWeiner, Jennifer8
10/1/2016Auggie and MePalacio, R.J.14
10/1/2016March: Book 1Lewis, John; Andrew, Aydin; Powell, Nate16
9/1/2016Children Act, TheMcEwan, Ian8
9/1/2016Flight of DreamsLawhon, Ariel8
9/1/2016Girl Who Slept with God, TheBrelinski, Val8
9/1/2016Longest Night, TheWilliams, Andria8
8/1/2016Bride's House, TheDallas, Sandra8
8/1/2016Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible ThingsLawson, Jenny8
8/1/2016Gone GirlFlynn, Gillian9
8/1/2016I am MalalaYousafzai, Malala8
8/1/2016In the Unlikely EventBlume, Judy8
8/1/2016Lafayette in the Somewhat United StatesVowell, Sarah8
8/1/2016Midnight Ride of Blackwell Station, TheFinley, Mary Peace8
8/1/2016Muralist, TheShapiro, B.A.8
8/1/2016You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)Day, Felicia8
7/1/2016Carrying Albert Home: The Somewhat True Story of a Man, His Wife, and Her AlligatorHickam, Homer8
5/1/2016Five SkiesCarlson, Ron13
5/1/2016Love Over ScotlandMcCall Smith, Alexander8
5/1/2016Remember Me Like ThisJohnston, Bret Anthony15
5/1/2016Rosie Project, TheSimsion, Graeme8
5/1/2016ZeitounEggers, Dave10
4/1/2016Go Set a WatchmanLee, Harper8
4/1/2016Mockingbird: A Portrait of Harper LeeShield, Charles10
4/1/2016Two AcrossBartsch, Jeff8
3/1/2016Commons, The (The Journeyman Book 1)Peck, Michael Alan15
3/1/2016Ender's GameCard, Orson Scott11
3/1/2016I Funny: A Middle School StoryPatterson, James20
3/1/2016Princess Bride, TheGoldman, William14
3/1/2016Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and RedemptionHillenbrand, Laura10
1/1/2016Capital DamesRoberts, Cokie8
1/1/2016Jesus Cow, ThePerry, Michael8
12/1/2015Last Days of Ptolemy Grey, TheMosley, Walter11
12/1/2015Major Pettigrew's Last StandSimonson, Helen12
11/1/2015East of EdenSteinbeck, John14
11/1/2015Kite Runner, TheHosseini, Khaled10
11/1/2015Last Unicorn, TheBeagle, Peter14
11/1/2015One step too farSeskis, Tina8
11/1/2015PersuasionAusten, Jane10
11/1/2015Ready Player OneCline, Ernest12
11/1/2015When Everything ChangedCollins, Gail8
10/1/2015SwamplandiaRussell, Karen12
9/1/2015If I Fall, If I DieChristie, Michael9
6/1/2015In the WoodsFrench, Tana10
6/1/2015Life of PiMartel, Yann10
6/1/2015Other Boleyn Girl, TheGregory, Phillipa10
6/1/2015Strength in What RemainsKidder, Tracy10
5/1/2015BittersweetMcCullough, Colleen8
5/1/2015Saffron Kitchen, TheCrowther, Yasmin8
4/1/2015Mambo in ChinatownKwok, Jean8
3/1/2015In the Belly of JonahBrennan, Sandra10
3/1/2015Pearl Buck in China: Journey to the Good EarthSpurling, Hilary10
4/1/2014Goldfinch, TheTartt, Donna10
1/3/2014Walk in the Woods, ABryson, Bill10
1/1/2014Andrew's BrainDoctorow, E.L.11
1/1/2014Birth House, TheMcKay, Ami10
1/1/2014MudboundJordan, Hillary11
1/1/2014One Amazing ThingDivakaruni, Chitra8
1/1/2014Patient H.M.Dittrich, Luke8
1/1/2014Scent of the Missing: Love and Partnership with a Search-and-Rescue DogCharleson, Susannah11
1/1/2014Silver Star, TheWalls, Jeannette8
1/1/2014StormbreakerHorowitz, Anthony10
1/1/2013Age of Miracles, TheThompson Walker, Karen8
1/1/2013All Over but the Shoutin'Bragg, Rick10
1/1/2013As I Lay DyingFaulkner, William8
1/1/2013Death Comes to PemberleyJames, P.D.8
1/1/2013Dog Stars, TheHeller, Peter10
1/1/2013East of DenverHill, Gregory8
1/1/2013Help, TheStockett, Kathryn10
1/1/2013How it all BeganLively, Penelope8
1/1/2013Hunger Games, TheCollins, Suzanne10
1/1/2013Mountain of Crumbs, AGorokhova, Elena10
1/1/2013Murder at Brown PalaceKreck, Dick10
1/1/2013Sound and the Fury, TheFaulkner, William8
1/1/2013Sweet ToothMcEwan, Ian8
1/1/2013Time in Between, TheDueñas, María8
1/1/2010On The RoadKerouac, Jack8
1/1/2010Someone Like YouDessen, Sarah12
12/31/2009Alchemist, TheCoelho, Paulo12
12/31/2009Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling FuneralRadish, Kris10
12/31/2009Book Thief, TheZusak, Markus10
12/31/2009Cowboy and his Elephant, TheMacPherson, Malcolm9
12/31/2009Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, TheHaddon, Mark9
12/31/2009Monkey Wrench Gang, TheAbbey, Edward14
12/31/2009Piano Tuner, TheMason, Daniel9
12/31/2009Story of Edgar Sawtelle, TheWroblewski, David8
12/31/2009TallgrassDallas, Sandra8
12/31/2009To Kill a MockingbirdLee, Harper8
12/31/2009Whistling Season, TheDoig, Ivan11
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