Book Club Updates: You Spoke and We Listened!

The Colorado State Library’s Book Club Resource would like to thank everyone who participated in our partner library survey and to let you know that we heard you! According to your responses, the number one factor in your decision on a particular title is the number of copies available.  So for the next several months, the Book Club Resource will temporarily halt additions of new titles to our catalog in order to add more copies of our existing titles. You, our partner libraries, are our number one priority and we want to do everything we can to minimize the obstacles between you and the services you need to better serve your patrons. This past month alone, we have already added as many as 7 copies each to 8 different titles in our Book Club catalog. If you’ve ever wanted to check out a title, but we didn’t have enough copies to meet your demand, check back again and often as we’ll be adding more copies all the time!

But that’s not the only improvement coming to the Book Club Resource.  For our brand new partners, you can now enroll your library in our book club program directly from the Colorado Virtual Library’s Book Club page. Now it’s even quicker and easier to get your library enrolled and get your book club going! And to our existing partners as well as the newbies, we want to know what you think! As your library’s book club grows and changes, let us know how your needs have changed as well. No complaints? Let us know what we’re doing well, what your book club meetings look like, or just what your patrons thought of a particular title! We want to know it all so we can make sure your experience is the best possible.  For any questions, comments, or suggestions, email Madison Basch at and read on, Colorado!

Madison Basch