Going to a Pumpkin Patch or Apple Picking?

No matter which one you are doing this year, or even if you’re doing both, you can turn it into a fun learning experience. The children in your care will create memories they’ll never forget and their learning will be strengthened if you make your outing a positive experience.

Activities to do before

  • Talk to your child about the place(s) you’re going and the activities you will be doing while there.

If you are going apple picking…You can ask questions too! What do you think apple picking is? How will we do that? Why are we doing this? What for? What can we make with apples? Do you like apples? What colors are apples? How do apples grow? What does an apple taste like? Is it sweet, bitter, sour, salty?

If you are going to a pumpkin patch… What do you think a pumpkin patch is? How will we pick pumpkins? Why will we pick pumpkins? What for? What can we make with our pumpkins? Do you like pumpkins? What colors are pumpkins? How do pumpkins grow? What does a pumpkin taste like? Is it sweet, bitter, sour, salty?

By asking questions you can find out what previous knowledge they have regarding a topic and connect it to the new knowledge they will gain during the activity.

  • You can also Read a book about apples and/or pumpkins the day before you go.

Here are some ideas for books:

Visit your local library and read one of these books at the library or check them out.

Good idea: Set some rules before the activity. Talk about the expectations you have for their behavior. To begin, ask them how they think they should behave. If you struggle with setting limits for your child, try writing down the rules together. She or he can help draw the rules, scribbling or “writing” them. You can both sign the “agreement” at the bottom and save it for later when you’ll use the agreement to compare the expectations with their actual behavior.

Things to do during the activity (At the pumpkin patch or apple picking)

  • Point out signs, labels, and logos along the road. For example, you can point out stop signs, yield signs, turn right/left sign, no parking signs, welcome signs, etc.
  • Point out the different kinds of apples/pumpkins, different shapes, sizes, colors, how they smell, their texture, how they grow, if they are heavy or light? Try to relate these answers to the one she/he gave on the questions before going to the activity (connecting previous knowledge with real-time experience)
  • Count the apples/pumpkins you are picking
    Things to do after the activity (Pumpkin patch or apple picking)

Sing some songs about apples/ pumpkins. Here are some good ones:

Play some of these games with your child(ren):
• Scavenger hunt with these “pumpkin letters” 

Counting apples with these printables

All the printables are shared on a google drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-GJMGY6Mn-Lc0VIRUEtTUpNT1U

And don’t forget to Laugh and have fun while you do all this!!

Remember to always, Read, Talk, Sing, Play, Write and Laugh!

Pamela Mejia de Rodriguez
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