CSL in Session: Science Corners: Going from Eeeeek to Awww!

Join us on Thursday November 30, from 12 – 1 PM MT for our next CSL in Session, Science Corners: Going from Eeeeek to Awww!

Libraries have always been the melting pot of educational opportunities for the communities they serve. At Pine River Library we decided to introduce live animals into our programming and social media presence to help foster a greater understanding of non-traditional pets and to help people embrace less furry creatures.

We have Asmo, the rescue corn snake, Epipidabates poison dart frogs, varieties of fish, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, and our newest addition Tad Cooper, a bearded dragon.  These animals, especially Asmo, have become hugely popular pieces of our library and have allowed us to create programming that is both educational and outside the box!

These Science Corner staples have become part of our yearly Summer Reading content, have their own social media pages, and have allowed us to broaden our reach to people of all ages who may fear animals like this as well as people who have lots of questions about less common types of pets. As libraries work to fit into less traditional roles the addition of a science corner can help bridge the gap between being a book warehouse and providing hands-on learning. Let us answer your questions on why building a Science Corner in your library can be an awesome addition!.

No registration is required for this webinar! The session is offered via Adobe Connect. You can access the classroom via the Libraries Learn website listed below. This session will be recorded.