CSL in Session: Serving Older Adults

Join us on Thursday July 11, 2023, from 12 – 1 PM MT for our next CSL in Session, Serving Older Adults.

More than a third of our customers are older adults (that is, people age 50+), and that number is growing. This training will make you generationally competent so that you can serve older adults in an effective and a respectful manner. Learn about the developmental stages of aging, the personality and neurological changes that happen as we age (hint: your brain does not get worse, it just gets different), the problem of ageism, and the pioneering work that DPL does for this population. This training is a “good news” training that will give you lots to embrace about the process of getting older. Not only will this training make you more effective at working with older adults; it might even help you in your own journey of aging.

No registration is required for this webinar! The session is offered via Adobe Connect. You can access the classroom via the Libraries Learn website listed below. This session will be recorded.