Organizing Your Cataloging Toolkit

Part of being a new cataloger is being confronted by an abundance of rules, tools, and resources without necessarily having a conceptual framework for how they fit into the cataloging process. Why are there so many types of rules issued by different organizations? Which parts of the cataloging workflow do they serve? Which ones will you use every day, and which are on an as-needed basis?

I remember being overwhelmed as a new cataloger, but over time, as I grew more comfortable with the cataloging process, I began sorting and organizing resources into what I fondly refer to as my cataloging toolkit. It’s obviously not a physical box of hand tools, but it’s just as handy for addressing the everyday work of cataloging. If you’re looking for inspiration to create or revise your own cataloging toolkit, then check out a new video, Organizing Your Cataloging Toolkit.

This video is third in the ongoing Cataloging Fundamentals video series, one component of the Cataloging Fundamentals Program. If you have ideas for a future video or about how to support new catalogers in Colorado, please drop me a line at

Happy cataloging!

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