Certification Opportunity: Brain Fitness with Ageless Grace

Aging & Older Adults, Brain Fitness, and Meeting the Moment

Demographic trends in Colorado are indisputable: we’re getting older and we’re staying put. According to the Colorado State Demographer’s Office, 55+ age individuals make up approximately 39% of the state’s population as of 2022. By 2030, the population of individuals 75 and older is estimated to increase by a minimum of 67%. Colorado is getting older. And the total population is growing… just not for those younger folks!

This means our libraries – who are already positioned to meet our communities needs – are tasked with expanding the services we already have for older and aging folks to meet the critical demand that our demographic changes are signaling.

Lots of our libraries partner with organizations and providers to do fitness and enrichment programs at their libraries. But what if you could do it yourself???? Working with partners is great, and so is getting our hands dirty and running programs ourselves – especially when the programs are fun and when we can benefit from them just as our participants do.

And here’s where we can fit in, delivering programming that meets the moment today for our community of all ages and meet the moments to come as our population ages and continues in the homes and neighborhoods they know and love.

Colorado State Library is exploring tools for our libraries to deliver quality programs that meet our community needs as they change.

Ageless Grace brain health fitness

Ageless Grace Brain Fitness®

Ageless Grace® is a revolutionary evidence-based brain fitness program consisting of 21 simple movement ‘tools’ designed for all ages and abilities. The ‘tools’ are based on everyday movements that are natural and organic, and focus on the healthy functionality of the brain and body.

Ageless Grace® is:

  • For all ages and abilities.
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Restorative  and  Developmental
  • Easy to learn and to lead classes
  • Brain & Body Challenging
  • Improves mental and physical agility and balance
  • Spontaneous (not boring!)
  • Creative
  • Practiced to music (improves mood, mental alertness, memory)
  • Positive, Uplifting, Fun

A regular practice of Ageless Grace effectively challenges all 5 primary brain functions as well as improves physical strength and coordination and overall physical functionality.

Here’s Denise Medved, founder of Ageless Grace, talking about and demonstrating Ageless Grace.

What does Ageless Grace look like?

There are playlists and videos on YouTube and in Facebook communities of Ageless Grace practitioners and providers.

The video below shows a short – less than 10 minutes – Ageless Grace program facilitated by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences with a bit of a description about the program before our educator begins.

The video below of a longer Ageless Grace program from the Southwest Focal Point Community Center in Pembroke Pines demonstrates what one of your programs can look like.


Colorado State Library wants to hear from our libraries: Are you interested in becoming a certified Ageless Grace educator? If you the answer is “maybe,” contact Cristy Moran, Adult Library Services Senior Consultant, at moran_c@cde.state.co.us and ask how we can help you get certified at no cost to you or your library.

What does certification look like?

Certified Educators complete a thorough training process (14 hrs) that covers  the 21 tools of the brain fitness program,  and how to provide classes that are physical playful and cognitively challenging.

Educator Certification covers basic training in Anatomy, Kinesiology, Music Integration, Business & Marketing, Promoting your classes,

  • No need to memorize complicated ‘routines’
  • Educator Training will give you what you need to start classes right away
  • Playful fun interaction with class members
  • You get to experience the benefit of the Ageless Grace tools for yourself and sharpen your cognitive and physical skills
  • You bring positive attention to your location and what it has to offer
  • You earn an important credential to add to your resume – one that you can use with kids, adults of all ages, private sessions, and special populations.
Cristy Moran