Upping your Engagement – Getting More From the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

Colorado has an interesting and colorful history. Whether you are interested in our mining past, railroad development and growth, livestock activity, agriculture, historic tourism, or tumultuous politics, we have lived it all and recorded it in our newspapers. From the issues that affect us on a national and international level, to the information about the individuals within our communities over the years, newspapers have been the recorder of our lives and times. The Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection – a locally maintained and supported database of over 220 historic newspaper titles from Colorado’s latter half of the 19th century onward – provides researchers, historians, educators, students and genealogists with the primary source material to immerse themselves in Colorado history and make up their own minds about the events that shaped our state.

How well do you know the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection? Did you know that you can correct the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for individual articles within the collection, making it easier for others to find the information that they might be looking for? What about clipping articles of interest and saving them to your personal online account? There is so much that you can do within CHNC, just create an account and begin exploring.

To learn more about how to make the most of the CHNC service, and the cool and interesting features that are at your fingertips, check out the help and forums site. Learn more tricks about searching historic newspapers, how to share your saved searches with others, and how to correct the OCR to make finding relevant information more successful for those coming to the database after you.

The forums also give you the opportunity to start up conversations with other users of the database that might have unique information to share with you on a given subject. Or, start up a discussion topic to get a conversation going with other researchers or educators in the state.


You can also use the forums to start up a conversation with CHNC staff – or ask us a question. We are here to help you make your CHNC experience as rewarding as possible.

Regardless of how you are currently using the CHNC – or where your explorations take you – we want you to make the most of the service to meet your needs.


Enjoy the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection , and experience Colorado as it happened.