Parents are a Child’s First and Most Important Teacher

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The early years — from a child’s birth to age eight — are critically important for all areas of learning and development. That includes children’s health and physical development, emotional and behavioral development, as well as logic and reasoning.

Early experiences and relationships shape how a child’s brain gets built. Creating a strong foundation – with secure and loving relationships and positive experiences — leads to greater health, learning, and well-being later on.

In fact, every interaction you have with your child teaches him or her something about the world. The Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines and new video series can make you feel more confident in this role.

The Guidelines describe a child’s learning and development from birth to 8 years old and brings together strategies that align with our deep scientific understanding of how best to support children’s healthy development in the early years.

Visit to access the Guidelines and a series of fun and informational videos that model how you or your child’s caregivers can get more involved in their lives and make the most of the early years.

You can also watch this video for more information on how you can get involved!

Pamela Mejia de Rodriguez
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