The Science Behind Our Burnout: Compassion Fatigue in Libraries

Join us for our next CSL in Session, The Science Behind Our Burnout: Compassion Fatigue in Libraries, on Tuesday April 9, 2024 from 12-1 PM.

“Literature shows the growing phenomena of compassion fatigue among professions outside of traditional “caregiving” roles. Libraries are also increasingly recognizing compassion fatigue in their staff. However, there is a struggle to learn about where it originates.

Vicarious Trauma, overwhelming workloads, and burnout are three things that can contribute to library professionals struggling to care about their work and their patrons. What’s more, there are more tools out there than being told to practice self-care.

This session will break down how compassion fatigue shows up in libraries and the science behind it. Attendees will also explore what can be done to combat compassion fatigue in a variety of ways.

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