Colorado Reentry Resources (CORR) Mailing List

The Colorado Reentry Resources (CORR) mailing list is a new group available to Colorado library staff interested in promoting successful reentry for citizens returning from prisons, jails, and youth centers. It’s a space to share ideas, best practices, and resources as well as facilitate collaboration between public and prison libraries.

The goals for this mailing list are as follows:

  • Identify resources and services that address the reentry needs of recently returned citizens as well as potential ways to improve and expand these services

  • Discuss resource deficits in adult and juvenile prison libraries to determine how public libraries can supplement existing services in both state and private facilities

  • Share and review current projects serving both incarcerated and returning citizens

  • Brainstorm potential collaborative partnerships between libraries and community agencies that would address specific reentry needs

  • Gain a network of like-minded library staff to encourage resource pooling and share best practices

Subscribe to the CORR mailing list by filling out the form at <>.

Questions? Contact the CORR Administrators: Hannah Evans <>, Hana Zittel <>, or Molly Bassford <>.

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