Census 2020 + Libraries = Complete Count for Colorado

This is a guest post contributed by Sara Wright, Deputy Director of the Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC)

Your library can be a powerful partner for Census 2020. Why is a complete count important? Because it represents power and money for Colorado. According to the State Demography Office, “Census data affects the distribution of federal funds to your community. It is estimated that 13.1 billion dollars (which translates to $2,300 per person) are allocated to Colorado annually based on decennial census statistics.” A complete count can also mean political power. It’s estimated that the state could gain one congressional seat.

For the first-time in 2020 people will be asked to complete the Census online. This will have a significant impact on public libraries. Your community already sees the library as a trusted source for information. With this historic change in the way census information is collected people will be looking to the library for all kinds of assistance with the online Census.

Here are a few things library trustees and staff can do to start preparing:

  • get informedCensus 2020 logo
  • be prepared for questions about filling out the census online
  • post information in your library and online (via websites and social media) to inform your community

CLiC (Colorado Library Consortium) is geared up to help libraries prepare for the impact of Census 2020. Take a look at the CLiC website for targeted information on Census 2020 – check back often as this page will be updated regularly. Library staff and trustees can contact CLiC with census related questions: censushelp@clicweb.org.  In person staff training is also available. Contact me at swright@clicweb.org for more information.

Watch for regular postings on the Libnet email list with information on all things Census.  For example, a post that was sent to the Libnet email list in early April gave a brief description of how CLiC will be supporting libraries in preparing for Census 2020. CLiC has also compiled a list of links to state and federal census sites.

The State Demography Office coordinates Census 2020 for Colorado. Their website is your first stop for everything census.

You can watch an archived CSL In Session webinar presented by Adam Bickford of the State Demography Office, Census 2020 + Libraries = Complete Count in Colorado.

Get involved in your community. Find information on who to contact about local complete count committees.

The amount of Census 2020 information online is immense. CLiC’s goal is to share resources that will be particularly useful to libraries. CLiC is here to help your community count.

Crystal Schimpf