Adventures in Summer Programming

Materials and Resources for the Fall 2023 Workshops from Colorado State Library

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Download the Adventure Summer Workshops 2024 PDF to get all our content and the hyperlinks to resources. Below are some of the topics we discussed and some of the resources we shared (and didn’t share) throughout the workshops’ presentations. The guidebook we shared (and you doodled all over and wrote notes in) is also available to download as a PDF. Take what you like and forget the rest!

Scroll to the bottom to see web recordings of the virtual sessions held on January 24 and 31, 2024 of our workshops.

Hot Takes on Adventure

Our Parks & Outdoor Partner

The Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) 2024 Grand Tour

Scouting Out Intergenerational Programming

Capturing Impact in the Wild

In addition to what we brought to the table, many of our participants shared resources and raised questions that became a part of our workshop. Some resources for those topics are also shared in this post.

Services to Non-English Speakers and Inclusive, Respectful Program Design


Virtual Workshop Recordings

Day 1: Hot Takes on Adventure and Intergenerational Programming

Day 2: Measuring Impact and Brainstorming

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If you have questions about the materials or would like support in fleshing some of these ideas out at your library, reach out to us!

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