Autism is Welcome Here Webinar Recording

CSL’s Suzi Tonini offers insights, guidance, and strategies for working with neurodivergent youth

Last week, Suzi Tonini, CSL’s School Library Consultant, facilitated an excellent session for those working with neurodivergent youth entitled “Autism is Welcome Here: Increase Access and Inclusion for Neurodivergent Youth.” The link to the recording is included below and the session offers wonderful insights, guidance and strategies for all of us.

Session Description: Transform your school and public library to support and engage autistic youth! Learn about the unique needs of autistic individuals and listen to feedback gathered from the autism community about their library experiences. Translate this information and input into concrete strategies to create an autism-friendly library climate, develop a collection with authentic and affirming representation of autism, and design programming to engage neurodivergent children and teens.

Listen to the recorded session on YouTube