TechTip: How to Remove ‘Up Next’ ads from YouTube

This week’s #TechTipTuesday video is centered around digital safety in the classroom or workplace. Today you will learn how to remove “up next” advertisements while watching a video on YouTube.

Items to consider while watching:

  1. The site I used to remove the adds is
  2. This can eliminate potentially embarrassing moments when using videos from YouTube
  3. Protect your students and yourself from unintended content being displayed in class

As an added bonus, please take a look at this E-Safety handout for more ideas on digital safety.

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Casey Veatch, MLIS
Digital Literacy Instructional Specialist
Colorado State Library, Library Development

Casey Veatch

Casey Veatch was Digital Literacy Instructional Specialist at the Colorado State Library from July 2015 to October 2016, when he became Professional Learning Senior Specialist at Apple.