Google Spaces–A New Collaboration Tool

Today’s #TechTipTuesday is hot off the presses! Yesterday, Google announced a new service called Spaces. It is a group collaboration page that allows you to share ideas and resources. This free service is only available to people with an account at the moment. It kind of has the look and feel of Google Classroom 1.0 (without the Drive and Calendar connections). If you are looking for a simple collaboration tool, check Spaces out.

Items to consider while watching

  1. What does collaboration look like in a “21st Century Environment?
  2. How can you model online collaboration in an effective way?
  3. In what ways does an online collaboration tool increase productivity and effectiveness?

Casey Veatch

Casey Veatch was Digital Literacy Instructional Specialist at the Colorado State Library from July 2015 to October 2016, when he became Professional Learning Senior Specialist at Apple.