Creation/Creativity Digital Tools for Students

It has been over 10 years since Sir Ken Robinson first spoke at a Ted Talk and asked the question “Do schools kill creativity?”   Educators are still discussing how students can be encouraged to be creative and to accept ‘failure’ as part of a positive learning process. Here are some tools to use with your students to explore and stimulate their natural creativity for learning.  Give them time to reflect on their creative process too!



Piktochart -simple, intuitive tool that helps you tell your story with the visual impact







Explain Everything

Book Creator

Visit CommonSense Media at Find an EdTech Tool  for more ideas and reviews of tech tools for your classroom

Christine Schein

Christine Schein

Digital Literacy Instructional Specialist at Colorado Department of Education
Christine Schein is a Digital Literacy Instructional Specialist with the Colorado Department of Education. She has a Masters degree in Education with an emphasis in Information Technology and School Library Media. Although her undergraduate degree is in Sociology/Criminal Justice and her work experience spans various business fields, her real passion is students and their future as responsible citizens in the world. She has presented at numerous conferences including ISTE, AASL, CoSN, CASE, and InnEdCo. Christine also has CoSN’s CETL certification.
Christine Schein

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