Register for Upcoming 2023 Virtual Partner Forum Events

New and Updated Hidden Gems and Partners Scheduled from February thru May

The Virtual Partner Forum is a 30-minute live event via Zoom where our partner will deliver their elevator pitch for who they are and how they can bring value to your community; and where you can ask questions and make that first crucial connection you can use as a springboard for a future relationship.

Join your colleagues in libraries across the state to learn about a state or local resource and partner that can help address your community’s needs from food insecurity to locating health services providers to mental health counseling to media literacy and more!

FebruaryRSVP Program from Spark the Change Colorado

 March: Living Room Conversations

April: GED Classes & High-school Equivalency Support from Adult Education Initiatives at Colorado Department of Higher Education

May: Colorado Talking Books Library

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A companion “Hidden Gems” post goes live one or two weeks before our event on Colorado Virtual Library. It includes the who/what/why/where/when/how of our partner, downloadable/ printable resources for your own use, contact information, and ideas for how others have engaged with them before. These will be things you can use and recommendations on how you can use them to meet your needs.

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Cristy Moran