Our New Libraries Learn Site is Here!

Your Path to Learning

The Colorado State Library is celebrating the launch of a new website that brings together a wide variety of learning opportunities in one easy-to-use place. Libraries Learn was designed to meet the training needs of library professionals at every point in their career. All content and resources shared are hand selected to help you find the quality information and learning opportunities you need to serve your patrons. Whether you are just getting started in libraries, and need the basics, learning a new skill, or need to brush up on a topic, Libraries Learn can help you find what you need.

  • Access the calendar of learning events.
  • View archived webinars, including our highly interactive CSL in Session series.
  • Complete self-paced courses on customer service, intellectual freedom, privacy and confidentiality, technology training, collection management, and more.
  • Access websites, articles, videos and other information by topic. Each content area is made up of individual pieces of content providing access to hand-selected self-paced courses, articles, videos, and websites arranged in a specific order.
    • Looking for a thorough overview of a topic? Access each resource in the order provided.
    • Looking for specific information? Jump in and access the individual resource you need.
  • Find high quality presenters for your library‚Äôs staff day and other events.
  • Search for content by keyword, topic, tags, or content type.

Know of a resource we have missed? We are always looking for quality webinars and tutorials to help you keep your skills sharp, so feel free to share your favorite library learning tools with us! Simply email Christine Kreger at kreger_c@cde.state.co.us!