Time for Spring Page Art!

It is time once again to explore some cool, fun ideas in page art. Let’s focus on two simple projects and one slightly more involved and start this season of Spring right! As always, the main ingredient for the following craft recipes is an old book or two or three.


SUPPLIES: scissors, hot glue stick and gun. Paint or ribbons for added flair if you so desire.

Simply Kelly B. provides the instructions , as well as many other fantastic ideas of how to repurpose that old book.


SUPPLIES: Exacto knife, glue, wax paper, dirt, succulent plants

Step by step image instructions are courtesy of Indulgy. This idea is so great! While here in Colorado, just having it outside is probably a windy day fiasco waiting to happen, it’d be a unique way to have plants upon your bookshelf at home.


SUPPLIES: paint, hacksaw (or alternate tough cutting instrument), scissors, glue, rubberbands, button

Simple image and text instructions given by Designed Decor. Flowers and spring go hand in hand, so this idea had to be included, especially since it is a tad simpler and more unique than the standard paper flower. Enjoy!

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. Margaret Atwood

Arian Osborne

Arian Osborne

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