Page Art for January

The new year means new crafts to behold, contemplate and make from those old, soon to be discarded books! And since this type of blog is a now a monthly occurrence, I thought I’d give it a name: “Page Art”, because that is what we are considering creating.

I have two for this month that will hopefully had a bit of flair and light to these winter days.


SUPPLIES: thin wire, scissors, glue, tree sticks/thin branches.

Image instructions from Pinspire on Pintrest. Paint or color the pages multiple colors for that extra “pop”! Twist the the individual leaves together to make leaves bunches. Then twist the bunches or individual leaves onto sticks. Place the sticks in a great, funky vase and violá! You have a unique centerpiece or decorative piece for your room.


SUPPLIES: jar, twine, scissors, glue, pencil


*cut the paper to the size of the circumference of the jar

*trace shape (heart, star, butterfly, dragonfly, circle, etc) onto the paper

*cut out the shapes

*glue the paper to the jar

*tie twine around the lip of the jar for that extra touch

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In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move. -Henry Rollins


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Arian Osborne

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