The past decade or so has seen enormous changes in the way you find the information you need. Colorado's libraries and museums have been quick to adapt to your needs. We're a little embarrassed to say it, but the CVL hasn't adapted so quickly. We can't tell you how happy we are that that's about to change. Introducing, a brand new Colorado Virtual Library.

We're starting small, but dreaming big.

As we roll out the new and improved CVL, we'll be building around a core of library-centered services that you might already know and love like interlibrary loan, AskColorado and AskAcademic, and more. Around that we'll be creating collections of interest to a wide selection of Colorado's citizens.  We're starting with three collections, but we won't stop there. We want to keep you coming back for more! In fact, we expect to hear from you, Colorado. Have an idea for what should be the next collection in the CVL? 

Let us know.


Where we're starting

The new CVL has been populated with content created by libraries and cultural heritage institutions about topics you've been asking about. Below is what we've got, but it's just a teaser for where we're going! 

Colorado Histories

By drawing on the Colorado State Library's in-house expertise and partnering with History Colorado,  Colorado Women's Hall of Fame, and East High Alumni Heritage Hall, we've amassed a collection of some 50 biographies of famous Coloradans, many enriched by beautiful archival images from the Denver Public Library. Over time, we'll add more bios, sketches of historical events, maps, oral histories, videos, and more. We've got an amazing history, and we're looking forward to helping libraries and museums across the state share that with you.

Tools for Tough Times

The nationwide economic downturn has not spared Colorado, and we know a lot of you are working hard to make the best of difficult situations. The Colorado State Library's Samantha Hager has led the way in gathering together resources to help you make these tough times a little more manageable. If you're in need of food, shelter, healthcare, or help managing unemployment, you'll find some great ideas here.  In addition, we're happy to be able to provide access to a great job hunting guide created by the staff of the Denver Public Library. Over time, we plan to add some more detailed resources on small business start up, personal finance, and more.

Tech Help

Technology is becoming more central to everything we do. From learning arithmetic, to landing your first job or launching your second career, you'll find a certain level of technological skill is a must. Libraries across Colorado have been helping learners of all ages get the computer skills they need for decades, and this collection is focused on bringing together great resources from across Colorado Libraries that will help you get started on the path to honing your tech skills. In time, we'll be adding richer, more engaging e-learning content developed by our in-house staff of talented tech trainers.

Thanks, IMLS and State Library!

The Colorado Virtual Library is a product/service of the Colorado State Library, and is funded in part with funds provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library Services and Technology Act.

Use This

Most of the content on the CVL is published with an Attribution Share-Alike license. Use it on your own website, on handouts, etc. Just mention that it came from ColoradoVirtualLibrary.org.